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I miss the 8 or so forum threads that were listed at the bottom of the front page, any way to get that back?

EDIT: after looking over the site some, the only other thing that I Really want is to be able to click a video to pause AND play, only reason I ever used the youtube video player. That and being able to double-click to fullscreen.

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Thoughts? Slow.*

As for forums at the bottom of the front page, I'd love that to come back.

(* Yes I know the site just launched and that's why it's slow).

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This place is different. It's special. The others don't want to talk about it because it scares them, but we all know it. We all feel it. Is your white rabbit a hallucination? Probably- but what if everything that happened here, happened for a reason?

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New site! Yay!

But it's like I'm on 56k!

That totally rhymed.

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New site! Yay!

But it's like I'm on 56k!

That totally rhymed.

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New site! Yay!

But it's like I'm on 56k!

That totally rhymed.

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Love the design, hope they do a video explaining some of the less obvious new features.

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The design is good, but everyone is sooooooooooooooo slow.

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I think I like it, but it's running pretty freakin slow.

But I suppose that's to be expected.

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My body is ready, as is my browser. Sure the site's slow, it just got launched, that's cool.

FYI if you can't get at the live shows (when the aliens QL was on earlier, the /chat page told me there was no live show while there was), you can get to it through http://twitch.tv/giantbomb ! I think there's another show on at around 11PM GMT tonight, Breaking Brad.

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A rough launch to say the least it need some work. But i can see with a few updates it will return to form and be pretty cool. This design reminds me of polygon's site a little.

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I usually use the mobile site, and I think I prefer it :/

Not being able to see user avatars kind of sucks, and some of the text overlaps, but I'll get used to it :)

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Seems fine!

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Really digging it so far, can't wait to use it when it's more stable, but looks real good so far!

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Front page still looks too big for my laptop screen, but the mobile site looks badass.

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It's looking awesome to me!

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Awesome, I really like some of the techniques they used.

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I tried to edit my post up there, but it messed up.

Anyway, it's great! I used it a little bit on Seaserpent but the sheer fucking insanity over there just made me go "eh". I didn't visit there much after a bit, but the site layout was awesome then and, considering it looks the same, is still awesome.

The only real issue seems to be stability problems. A little while ago, I would have to reload a page multiple times and pray that it worked each time, and most of the time it didn't; seems like now, the only issue is that things are taking a long time to load. Except for this PM that I'm trying to get into to post in, links seem fine as of this posting.

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Is this the real life?

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So is there no way to see what board a forum thread is for e.g. Dead Space 3 under a thread title for a thread on the DS3 board, unless you actually click the thread? That's pretty lame if so.

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I like it!

I'm wondering: do they forums have instant update? Like, you just see a post go up, as you type? Or do you still have to F5?

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Slow.. but that will work itself out. love the new design.

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I see a lot of stuff missing from the wiki. :(

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I'm not an achievement whore, but I think the loss of that feature and the interesting data it provided was worth more than anything that may have been gained.

I am looking forward to future improvements now that they don't have to spend all their time recreating the site.

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Error 500s all over the shop. Looks pretty nice, except I can't seem to edit wiki entries without it wigging out on me.

"whoops somtehing happened we are working on it".... Did you guys leave your "Top Men" back at the old office? ;)

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Little rough around the edges right now but in the end it will be for the better.

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The King is dead. Long live the King.

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It's super slow, but it's all good.

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We are back baby

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I 500ed six or so times trying to view this thread, but it's all cool...

I am hoping the successors to achievements and trophies get integrated, though. I like stats. Here's to Microsoft and Sony making their APIs easier to work with (and, no, I don't know what I'm talking about, I've just heard that the current APIs are buggers).

EDIT: And something failed while trying to post this. Let's try this again...

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My knee jerk criticisms to the mobile site (which is the main reason I sub) are:

1. (My biggest complaint the rest are nitpicky). Forum topics do not show the forum in which they are posted to...This is huge for me determining whether or not I want to click into a topic or its relevance to me.A topic titled "How could they do this to the combat?!" Posted under the forum "care bear adventures" doesn't interest me in the slightest, where as if it were posted under a game I'm very interested in, it would definitely be something that I'd want to read.I think this is a huge function to lose, even if its so simple and small.

2.No button (that i an see) to simply reply to a specific post in the thread (where you'd specifically @ the person who posted)

3. No avatars shown bothers me,I've become accustomed to the regulars and the avatars they use and also helps give a quick visual when reading through topics to identify who's replying.

(Found this one pretty quick, again "knee jerk" reactions")
4. I prefer darker sites, theyre easier on the eyes (and battery life of my phone).But meh I'm not willing to fight that especially as a dark skin will probably come along soon enough if it isn't already a feature I've missed.

Regardless. I look forward to seeing what they do with the site.

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I'm on OS X Mountain Lion and my browser is Firefox. Anyone know if there is a way to set the video player to use a conventional full screen mode? It really bugs me that it uses the Mission Control full screen method.

And this is just me being nit-picky but i wish i could rearrange it so that the video player is on the left with the text to the right while the player isn't full screen. The new site uses a pretty unconventional layout and it's just really weird to look at.

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It's working! More than the main page!

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Warming up to it. I like it though so that's a great start!

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Sad that mini bios are gone, also no threads of front page - that's dumb.

Aside from that it seems quite nice. Also, my post count just went up by about 120 for some reason.

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Its going to be hard to remember that this site is the mature, moderated site, and that I should not, and can not respond to every post with a crappy giantbomb meme.

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So is there no way to see what board a forum thread is for e.g. Dead Space 3 under a thread title for a thread on the DS3 board, unless you actually click the thread? That's pretty lame if so.

Yeah that can't be right.

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i am really digging the forum design. i don't know how i feel about the profile redesign and that there's no box for status updates, but i'll get used to it i guess.

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Same as everyone else: miss the forum posts at the bottom and the site (even in beta) runs slower than the old design on my 2006ish laptop.

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Stability has suddenly improved but I say my favorite part is that the comment loading animation is still the JV/bomb GIF. If the 500 page was just a blown up version of that I'd be happy.

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Rough. A bit slow, and I'm getting errors over 50% of the time I click on a link.

I think I might check back in a couple days to see if it has smoothed out.

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Whoops, something's wrong. T_T

Otherwise it's pretty sweet, but Black Site is still better than White Site

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Add pausing/playing with spacebar to the video player and we're golden. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the gallery stuff. When I'm in an image section it's cool, but I don't need it when I want to see a bigger screenshot in a review. I like clicking to open and then clicking again wherever to close.

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After having issues trying to sign in to my profile, I'm just happy that I got on.

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I really like the design so far (When it works but that's to be expected considering it's the first day).

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When the site decides to work it looks nice, although I'm not thrilled that the Site Activity feature is gone because apparently a twitter feed is much more important.

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It will always be seaserpent in my heart.