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I was hoping this wouldn't happen. That Giant Bomb would not use Gamespot's player. The Flow player, while basic, worked fine. Somehow I could even watch videos in HD, which on my lousy connection was surprising. I loved it.

And the new one? It's horrible. Everything looks pixelated, no matter which resolution it is on. On top of that the video stutters on every setting. On 720p(I'm paying for it) the video stops every two seconds.

This change made me sad. I guess I'm gonna have to cancel my subscription and look for video content somewhere else ;(

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Well, you could always just subscribe to their youtube channel and watch all those videos in 720p there instead.

#3 Posted by Barrock (3551 posts) -

Or take a deep breath and wait.

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@Barrock said:

Or take a deep breath and wait.

That's also a viable option.

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Don't enjoy how I can't skip to a certain point midway through the video. Gotta let the whole video buffer first...lovely.

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Works for me.

Maybe it's your browser?

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The only problem I've ever had with their video player is it randomly freezes and decides to stop loading and I have to reload the entire page and wait for the video to buffer before I can skip ahead. This doesn't happen frequently but when it does its a pain in the ass.

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There's a new video player? Oh, yeah. There is one. I guess it works, but I don't like how it doesn't go to 720p automatically :S

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There is already a bug reporting and complaint thread related to the new player over here and here.