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What do the people think about this new Drastic change that will be injected into our machines this fall?

#2 Posted by SarazinRuin (161 posts) -

Hate it. I hope they let us keep the old one.

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I dono. I'm a bit mixed. The group chat is really the only thing I'm looking forward to. Unless I can get achievements on this dashboard, I've got nothing else to look forward to.

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I'm on the fence about it. I think they could really fix the interface like this, making it more simple and such. But the "avatar" deal doesn't belong on the 360. I guess it's supposed to make it more accessible,  but I think it's just kinda lame.

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my main question is: why?

I could understand if the current system was dated and lacked functionality, but this new piece of shit "streamlined" look just complicates things more. Making less front-end options, and increasing the subsections is just like throwing a sheet over the mess instead of cleaning it up.

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when i first saw the new look of the dashboard i also thought why. i didnt like it at first but as i learned new information on it and let it all process within my brain i now dont mind it and am maybe thinking it will be even better than the current dashboard that we have now.

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It makes a lot of sense - from Microsoft's standpoint they can probably add content much easier, as well as expanding their offerings without cluttering everything up, as would have happened with the existing system, especially with the exploding popularity of DLC. It also unifies the system with the style of their other software, Media Center, etc.
I imagine when everyone gets their hands on it - in it's final versions - it'll prove easier to use and more intuitive than the current iteration.
The avatar things are obviously just an attempt to appeal to more users - but in a competitive market, why not? It's not as if any company is going to be stupid enough to 'be happy' with their current demographic - they're always going to want to expand.

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Well some parts of it I like, but great way of them to rip of Nintendo!

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I'll be the first to say that I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not to big on the new visual style, but the improvements to the speed and accessibility of the dashboard are definitely nice. And all the little added features (Netflix, etc.) are just icing on the cake.

As for Avatars, sure, they're very similar to what Nintendo is doing with the Mii system, but I think it'll be fun. And hopefully they'll figure out a way to tie achievements to unlockable clothing. I'd love to unlock a Lancer for beating GoW2 on Insane, or maybe a Professor Pester mask from Viva Pinata. Anyway, I see a lot of fun possibilities.

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I think the original dashboard is better

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I think it looks pretty good. The avatars are kind iffy but I'll wait to pass judgment when I can actually make one. On another note I'm really excited about Netflix.

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Alucard said:
"Hate it. I hope they let us keep the old one.
I don't like it simply because it looks so heavy, i might be one of those idiots who think a console is only for gaming, and jazzing it up lasts 2 seconds. but heres what i dont like
  1. its so heavy, it looks like they want you to spend time with it and not the actual game
  2. As jeff said on the podcast, no one cares about the prime time stuff, that looks like crap anyways.
  3. its taking the emphasis away from the games.
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I'm kinda into it. I just hope theres some decent options in there to customize the look of it, not liking the grey so much.. Totally hating the avatars though!

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I'm actually very excited for it, I think it looks awesome.  The avatars are kind of strange, but I'm sure it'll all work out.

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the avatars look a little dull but we only saw a couple of photos. Yes they copied the Wii but its not like Nintendo invented this stuff. The rest of the dashboard looks cleaner, better and hopefully faster.

pretty eager to get it this fall.

Ill come out of my dream state when they show us how much ads will be a part of it.....

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I don't mind any of what they're doing, but I dislike that much of it is designed to replace things already popular in their already successful service. They clearly thought they needed to respond to Wii and PlayStation Home, which is wrong.

I'll get over it if I can put my GamerPic on my Avatar's shirt

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I think it looks awesome. The new guide and interface looks very impressive. Although some don't like the avatars, I am looking forward to giving them a chance, and best of all they're OPTIONAL.

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I agree that the dash needs to move away from the blade system but I'm not so sure that what they've come up with is the best alternative. I hope it'll grow on me and that they've got plenty more ideas to come for it.

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Didn't really like it at first, but that's mostly because I don't like change. I'll reserve full judgement until I finally get my hands on it, but what I will say is themes look a LOT better on the new dashboard.

Still hate avatars though. So dumb.

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From what I've seen it looks okay but I would rather reserve judgment until I have used it.

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I like it, the avatars are a bit useless however their hardly a hindrance. I like Media Centre so in my opinion the new Dashboard looks great. For those who complain about missing the blades interface, you will still be able to access a more refined version of that interface by pressing hte "Xbox" button in the centre of the controller.

#22 Posted by Duke (63 posts) -

I'm open to the change, however i had no issues with the current dashboard and setup & i doubt many people did. Exception being the marketplace organization which could of been fixed individually. Avatars look good & better than what Nintendo have created but will possibly fall into the same trap, what games actually use them without it being tacked on (Mario Kart) or made specifically with them in mind (Wii Sports)

You won't see gears of war or halo incorporating them anytime soon, at least i hope future call of duty matches won't be filled with teams of stormtroopers. As funny as that might sound initially that would eventually. Suck

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It looks good and kind of reminds me of the XMB. It definately looks like it will be easier to find things but I want to try it out before I can really judge it. I don't care for the avatars atall though.

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Whilst I really don't like the Mii-esk avatars, I do like the overall new dashboard. I always thought the current dashboard was looking rather dated, and the PS3 outshone the 360 in that department, but the new-look dashboard looks amazing to me. It's a lot cleaner, and just fancier looking altogether - the functionality will be the same, but improved and it looks better in my opinon - so I'm loving every bit of it (bar avatars).

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I didn't like the look when it was first shown but now it looks okay. Avatars are quite useless looking feature. Other new features like new resolutions and the ability to install games are great.

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It doesn't look bad at all, though Mii too is such a rip off of miis.

#27 Posted by Raspberry (70 posts) -

Rips off Wii and Sony, but I see the idea in the concept :)

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Absoloutly hate the look of it but I can't wait for some of the features it will bring

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As far as dashboard is concerned I like the new look. Seems more elegant and more intuitive than the old one. And avatars? Hmmm I like the idea, but execution.... hmmm... they're too cutesy for me. Especially when xbox is console mainly for the hardcore player and everyone of those hardcore Gears Of War hungry players will now be identified by a cute avatar in polo shirt :P
Well I am intrested just how customiazable they are. Mayby you can make them less cute...

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I liked it.  I saw a couple of images of the new dash with some themes applied to it on majornelson.com and it looked nice.  I like how you can actually see them theme instead of ads covering it up.  However I don't like the avatars.

#31 Posted by Frank_ (3 posts) -

Don't like it. Just make the blades load faster and I'm happy.

#32 Posted by Josh9989 (34 posts) -

The features and everything for the most part will be useful, not too sure on the avatars tho, could seem a little bit too much trouble for people who just want to play games. So long as it doesnt handle like a drunk slug, should be ok.

#33 Posted by Surge (19 posts) -

I'm curious how much these avatar will be used.  I've read that they are optional, so I'm betting a portion of the community will neglect them.  My question is: how big a portion?

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It looks like it should be good. Themes make it look alright. But Avatars, oh Avatars. So fricking stupid.

#35 Posted by FrenchFriedFool (190 posts) -

Really don't like the look of it, the less I have to see my avatar the better.

Also, isn't there already enough racism and sexism on Live anyway? Surely this will only make it worse?

#36 Posted by Lilja (132 posts) -

It looks great. Hopefully it will work as well as the current one.
The avatars felt strange. But the functions that comes with them got me excited!

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I really like the look of it. The fact that the current generation of consoles can be completely renovated half way through their lives is a fantastic benefit, and it will allow so many more options and features that in previous generations were just not possible.

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I don't like it at all. I hope they have an option that allows you to change from the new dashboard to the old dashboard if you don't like the new one. However, I don't care what the dashboard looks like as long as the Netflix feature works well.

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I suppose it looks good but Im not that bothered to be honest I only care about the games the menu layouts dont bother me at all as long as I can get to the download section without getting lost Its all good.

#40 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -

It's okay I guess...

It looks a little annoying to use. I don't see why they wanted to update the old one, it works fine. I guess we'll all have to get used to it though.

#41 Posted by Shano (9 posts) -

i dont mind the look... as long as it dosent run like garbage it will be ok.. group chat will be awesome too

#42 Posted by Cyclone (11 posts) -

I think its cool, nice and swish, like Media Centre. Simplistic yet effective

#43 Posted by piecat (403 posts) -

I'm really mixed on the new dashboard. hopefully, my worries will be washed away once its actually released.

#44 Posted by the_wanderer (5 posts) -

I'm reserving judgment until I get my hands on it. It seems slick.

#45 Posted by tATu (67 posts) -

I love the new avatars. I like the whole thing more than the current blades.

#46 Posted by IndieBoy (134 posts) -

I personally dont really like the old one, but the new one is much much worse. The backgrounds for the icons dont fit the actual background at all...

#47 Posted by StoneFury (9 posts) -

I do not think a grown man should be forced to make a little cartoon  dude.

#48 Posted by Indifference (10 posts) -

I think the people who complain about it will like it when they get to use it.

#49 Posted by zityz (2366 posts) -

I'm leaning more towards not liking it, the Mii's are an interesting idea but they are out of the way, the avatars seam to be right in your face, and the sliding windows for things just reminds me of the useless window mode that's on vista.

I dunno I'll wait to see how it works when it comes out, but as of now, i'd rather stick with the interface that's on the system now.

#50 Posted by Tiago (91 posts) -

I like it.