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I meh at it.

#102 Posted by NotaStalker (175 posts) -

I Love it. It looks so much MOAR organized than the way it is now. and I hear its optional. So it's WIN WIN WIN!! either way you slize the cheese.

#103 Posted by MOLE (331 posts) -

I think it looks awsome, its fresh and has an up to date look to it.

#104 Posted by mr_bishiuk (2 posts) -

Looks great, just worried it'll be slow

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mr_bishiuk said:
"Looks great, just worried it'll be slow

Slower then the blades? Is that possible? I think they should have stuck to the blades and just made them faster and better, this new look is really ugly, just plain. Each page look the same, a bunch of tiles that you can scroll through... ?_?
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I'm not a fan of the new dashboard update at all...too much like Sony

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Everything seems excellent! I'm glad that the guide button les you access the old blade system.

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It looks pretty cool, avatars don't look that great though.

#109 Posted by Systech (4190 posts) -

I don't understand why it is loathed so much by everyone. I liked the Blades, but didn't we want a faster Dashboard. I certainly don't love the new Dashboard to pieces, but it definitely has some class added to it that the Blades didn't. As for the avatars, those definitely are not my favorite feature.

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I love the 'IDEA' of being able to get where I need to be in quick fashion. I do NOT love the fact that there are going to be huge images for my games, avatars cluttering up the dash, and themes cut in half. Let's just hope that Microsoft executes their new look in a smart way.

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I don't mind the look. They needed to mange the clutter on the current one anyway.
The market place stuff is everywhere and the arcade games are a bitch to sort through.
In fact I like it, way better than what they have now. The blades are nice, but a clean look is better.

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I'm not sure yet, I mean I think it looks a bit to gray, but I trust the boys at microsoft. The avatars seem pretty cool but I guess only time will tell.

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I am really mixed on what I think of the new look. Though I like it, I also dislike it at the same time. I am not totally sure about the avatars. I think they might make me feel like I am not playing on an Xbox 360 any longer. I really love this user created dashboard concept more than what we will be getting. http://thefanboys.com/2008/07/01/dreaming-of-dashboard-20/

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Give them a chance, who knows, maybe they actually give a crap about what people think and make som minor/major changes that might make it work. Personally i don't give a crap about interface, games are the thing i use my console for, so big wooopsie do care.

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Disclaim3r said:
"I'm on the fence about it. I think they could really fix the interface like this, making it more simple and such. But the "avatar" deal doesn't belong on the 360. I guess it's supposed to make it more accessible,  but I think it's just kinda lame.
Agreed if it wasn't for the avatars I would like it alot. but i spent money on gamer pics now Mircosoft is like ha ha now you going to buy stuff for Avatars.
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I think it looks great! I think the interface has needed an update for a long, long time. I wasn't expecting a complete overhaul but I'm not against it. It looks beautiful, the only thing that worries mii is the avatars. They're going to have to pamper the system & keep the updates comin for it to not completely fail. I think they need to "trinkets" like if you beat GoW2 on Insane it'll unlock a Lancer for yer Avatar... or if you beat Halo 3 on Legendary you get a Logo-T. Anything rewarding like that, that'll include customization would drastically improve the user interactivity.

EDIT: I mocked this up...

CheezyFrog // jNerd - New Dash Mockup

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I like most of the changes but there are still a few things they need to fix before it is released.

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Very timely burn

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For the love of fuck, these forums need an auto-lock date. Like if theres been no new posts in 2 weeks the thread locks itself.

This is like the 10th necro'd thread ive seen this week, its getting out of hand.

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That guy is going to bump every 2008 thread here. It will be like going back in time!

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Is this Hizang pranking the forum?