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Happy New Year Duders!

The new year is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with free games!

I did one of these right before Christmas, and everyone seemed so happy with it, so I figured I do another one.

Last time anyone was able to enter, but this time I want to mix things up a but. I want to give something back to the people who help make this site great.

To be able to enter you need to be a monthly/annual subscriber, or have a good forum/blog history, with over 300 posts.

The wiki is also a major part of this site, so anyone with mare than a 1000 wiki points is eligible to entry.

There are 22 games ready to be given out. The Giveaway will be open for entry for 48 hours, then I'll begin choosing winners.

Just post what game you'd like, and a link to your Steam profile so I can gift you the game. I will also send the winners a PM here.

Also, as a bonus, if you have any New Year's Resolution, feel free to post them here. Mine is to acquire the required amount of points needed to start my Bachelors Degree in Journalism.



Operation Flashpoint:
Dragon Rising




E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy


Fallout 3


Far Cry




Red Faction: Guerilla


Beat Hazard


Rock of Ages


Warhammer 40K:
Dawn of War II


Star Wars: Battlefront II


Star Wars:
Knights of the Old Republic


Solar 2


Hearts of Iron III




Left 4 Dead 2


The Binding of Isaac


Bioshock 2






Puzzle Agent 2


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I'm sticking with "hopefully not flunking my CompSci major" as my ongoing resolution. Steam ID and DoW II is what jumps out at me. Happy New Year duder, and thanks for doing this!

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Can I post multiple games that I want, in case I get picked after my game of choice is taken? If no, then I'm up for some Bastion. If yes, then:

You know what? How about I list the games I don't want?


The Binding of Isaac


Solar 2

Yea, that was much easier :P.

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Left 4 Dead 2


I want to loose weight and get a C average at Uni.

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I'll take Rock of Ages! Thanks, duder. 
My New Years resolution is to go to the gym more. I was slacking off the last few months of the previous year... and the first few months... and the months in between....

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I've always wanted to try out Torchlight.


My new years resolution is pretty much the same as @Subjugation 's. To do well in my 2nd half of the first year of my CompSci degree.

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Bioshock 2 please

My steam profile

I don't really have a new years resolution per se, but I'm planning on getting involved in some volunteering work this year.

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My cousin just won't shut up about Beat Hazard and I missed the sale by an hour, so that would be a great one to get!
My new years resolution is to finish my book, I've got a rough draft and I want to get something out into the world, I'm sure someone who's going for journalist can understand the itch! 
Hit me up for my Steam in the pm, if I should turn out to be so lucky.

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I would love to finally play Torchlight


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Nice enterprise! :)

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I'd like Hearts of Iron 3 due to my interest being piqued from noticing playing it all afternoon/evening.


You'da best.

I guess my resolution would be to do something to further myself as a person. Precisely what I do not know.

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Not sure if I qualify so please disregard if I'm not. If I am, count me in for Bastion please


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Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II (or any of the Overlord games)

would be nice! You're quite awesome for doing this! >> Steam ID

My new year's resolution are to find a part time job as soon as possible and to get all this university crap over with finally...

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I'd like to reminisce my days playing Star Wars: Battlefront II on my old Xbox whilest playing it now on PC, pretty please!

New Year's Resolution would be to become more fluent in a few more programming languages. Transitioning from C++ to C# at the moment.


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I was hearing some pretty good potential from E.Y.E. a bit earlier this year, that would seem pretty interesting to have a go at.

And yeah, my blog is pretty unique out there, but I really should pick it back up again.

mary_effn_poppns for that whole steam thing...

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This is too generous, where am i

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Hi there!

If I win I would like Fallout 3. Puzzle Agent 2 would be my second pick.


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Duder, that's crazy generous of you. We must of had a game giveaway every other day over the last few weeks.

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Hey cool, count me in! The Binding Of Isaac looks super interesting. I'm resolved to email my parents every month this year, and to get serious about making art I can stick a price tag on. Happy New year guys :)


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Dawn of War 2 would be lovely - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997182488/

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Once again, you're a pretty awesome duder. To repay this, I will only shoot near you when I see you on the Third Battlefield

I'd like Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. Played all the other games in that franchise but never got around to this one. Thanks!


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I don't want any games. I just want to tell you that this is awesome and that you are awesome for doing it.

My resolution? Getting my Master of Law degree, hopefully next month.

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Wow, how generous. I'd really like to give Bastion or KotOR a go. If I'm lucky enough, send me a PM for my Steam profile :)

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Thanks for doing this, brotha! Hope life is going good as a Dragoon (don't mispell your title and let the Dovahkiin get ya).

Magicka would be my first choice, but I'd also be cool with

Puzzle Agent

Puzzle Agent 2

Solar 2


in reverse order than listed, actually.


Don't really buy into the whole resolution thing, but I'm quitting chewing tobacco right now, so I guess that's a resolution of sorts since it coincides with the time frame.

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I don't really have a very high post count but it's worth a shot, I'd be greatful to receive Knights of The Old Republic thanks.


It's cool that you are doing this, it's surprising the number of people on these forums who are willing give away so much.

My resolution is probably to get a job of some sort, not that I haven't been trying up to this point, ideally one related to my chosen career path.

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I would like Dawn of War II.


I made my resolutions a few months ago. They included:

  • Not shopping at EB Games anymore
  • Dropping LoL
  • Not going to Value Village so often
  • No longer caring about achievements

I've done quite well so far. Thanks for the giveaway duder!

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This is really nice of you, dude. I would like Solar 2 if someone else hasn't already claimed it.


My New Year's resolution is to read one book a week for the rest of the year, by the way.

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Red faction: Guerrilla would be a nice gesture and my new years resolution is to start making and writing some movies.


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Dawn of War 2, if I get chosen.

If you do choose me, I'll reply to your PM with my SteamID; I do not wish to share it publicly. If this will disqualify me from the giveaway, best of luck to you other blokes! I have no problem with that.

My New Year's Resolutions are to:

  1. Cut Achievements/Trophies cold turkey
  2. Reach Diamond 2v2 in Starcraft
  3. Not buy anything from GameStop except for SSX (because, Eddie)

Thanks for your generosity, duder!

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Bastion if you please

Steam ID

My resolution at the moment is to start writing more that isn't for class.