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Hey Dude's and Dudette's

I just joined the site today and I am very impressed with it so far.  I've been listening to the podcast all this year, and like them as well. Very funny and also informative at the same time. The Gerstmanator rocks!

I  bought a PSP a  few months ago and it has some fantastic games on the system, but I thought there would be more games annouced at E3 this year. I am starting to think that it might become dead as gaming machine/platorm soon and just be marketed as media player, GPS, MP3/4 etc. I hope this does not happen as I have grown very found of my PSP lately.

So my question is-


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well i have never felt it had many strong games. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is the only game i really played. Resistence on PSP is looking good with GT4 also making an apperance next year. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops was a good good to as well as Final Fantasy 1 and 2 but i have always felt the Slim and Lite or a Phat?

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Get Burnout Legends and Patapon

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I've been teasing buying the God of War bundle, just because I'm such a big fan of Kratos.  But as you mentioned, the games are at a trickle, and I've heard word of another re-design, with potential internal memory.  So I'm holding off.

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Patapon, LocoRoco, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Crisis Core, the Hot Shots Golf games, Field Commander, Final Fantasy 1 & 2, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. The list goes on and on. There are over 500 games on the system. Plus try out store.playstation.com. I'm sure you'll find more games to play on your PSP like Flow, Kingdom of Paradise, Rayman was just added a couple days ago, the store is always getting better and better. So don't count the PSP out. If you want anymore information just look me up.

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actually it is quite the contrary. As of late the platform is picking up speed and beating the sales everywhere :)

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I wouldn't count Sony's Handheld machine out just yet. But I do think Apple's IPhone/ITouch will make things REALLY hard for Sony if/when Apple starts selling their product as a viable gaming platform. Even if Apple's product sucks, their marketing will be hard to over-come for any company.... that's not Nintendo of course.

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There are a lot of new PSP games coming out. Sequels to patapaon and LocoRoco. Plus a Resistance Fall of Man game on the PSP

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I'm in the same boat as you TC, I bought a psp a couple days ago, so I too am relatively new to the psp scene.  I'm enjoying the games though.  Sure, there aren't as many as the ds.  But realize that most of the games for the ds aren't good.  If you compare the ds to the psp in terms of 'good' games, they come off relatively equal.  (I would actually put the psp ahead of the ds in terms of better quality, more interesting games)

My opinion is subjective of course, but this is coming from a guy who has had a ds for 3 years, and does not have one game in the ds library that he still enjoys and thinks is cool. (when i get home, i'm going to sell it)
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I got mine basically when it came out and it's now just a web surfer for me. Going to have to look into getting a new game for it soon.

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I not exactly sure if I can post this...

IMO, the PSP is maximized to its full potential when you enable homebrew apps on it. It basically is a portable media center. With the 8gb memory sticks you can pack a good amount emus and roms on it.