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It's November, fucking Halloween party madness is over and there are a bunch of new games coming our way. I'm done with Fallout 3, It was good, not incredible and I don't have enough time for a review.

First Mirror's edge, the game is looking really interesting and I can't wait to play it. Im a big fan of parkour and a free running game is an awsome idea and I don't undersand why that hasn't been done before. I'm getting it on the PC.

Need for Speed Undercover looks good, then again all of the NFS games in past years have looked good but they either played the same as the previous games in the series or they have been crap. Maybe it'll be the same this time around, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

Tom Clancy's EndWar looks pretty interesting, or interesting enough if the other games on that list don't take up too much of my time and money. Anyway im getting it on the PC, because, let's face it, other then maybe the DS, consoles are shit for RTS games.

And speaking of Money, it's kind of a problem these days, well not a big problem but enough to justify me getting either Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero world tour. Right now im kinda thinking of buying Rock Band 2. The song creator looked cool and all but people are saying it's not great, also the graphics / character models don't look good and the song list I think is better on Rock Band 2, but the songs on Guitar Hero are also real good.

I would like your opinions on these games here and what I should chose between Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


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Jesus!  You're done with Fallout 3?  I guess you don't work or go to school or do anything??