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Poll: Ninja vs Ninja! (14 votes)

Ninja Gaiden 50%
Shinobi 21%
Other ninja franchise 29%

So, it's simple, wave your flag for your ninja franchise of choice. I gotta go with shinobi, fewer good games but those genesis games are awesome

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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@deranged: I knew there was a fourth option! Lol

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I know that the franchise was ruined in later releases but for me the first two Tenchus were fantastic games. You could play the game as a straight up action game but your character wasn't really equipped to deal with the guards head to head. Playing the game stealthily opened the game up a lot. You could run on rooftops, kill from the shadows, disguise yourself and even teleport. I had a lot of fun with those games, especially the first one. The biggest flaw from those games were the boss fights. I wish the game let you stealth kill the bosses but you usually had to fight them head to head.