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I made this. I'm the guy with the scandinavian accent presenting this. I wanted to post it on giantbomb but since thats not possible I've provided a youtube link. As I state in the videos this is not actually completely my doing. All three of the pop-ups have been taken from a 3D pop-up book and converted. The casings is all my work though. What do you guys think? 

In case you don't understand what I'm saying:
Bowser says: "Come to the castle!. Peach is mooiiiiine. !!!THE CAKE WAS A LIE!!!", followed by his evil laughter from Super Mario 64.

Venusaur says: "Tudsefar!" meaning Toad-Daddy in danish. This invitation card was made for my nephew. About ten years ago he was playing outside with a figurine of Venusaur. I asked him the name of this pokémon as I've allways found it funny how young children (he was 4 years old) knows these things. His answer?; "Tudsefar!".

The sound from the flying pokémon is an american crow. 
and thanks to the moderator who linked to GBs policy for youtube

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You're welcome. 
That card is fucking bananas, by the way.

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Haha, cute work! I bet your nephew will be delighted.
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Looks sick man, he will love that card.

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Brilliant work. Love it.

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Were all those exclamation marks really necessary?

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have you ever seen PHYSICAL 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before?
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@StrikerTheLizard said:
" Were all those exclamation marks really necessary? "
I can't think of a better way to punctuate how 3d it really is! 
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I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up.