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Sorry if this got posted earlier, but I searched and didn't see anything. Please lock if it's a duplicate.

I was browsing Google News and saw this article. Looks like this guy has a comfortable future ahead of him. I know it really has nothing to do with Sony, but I found it kind of funny that a person who worked for Sony invented technology that Sony didn't even use or try to buy it. Not sure when he actually created it, but whatever, this guy made out like a bandit.

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Wow I didn't even know Nintendo were even being sued for this, so should Nintendo just buy this patent off him then?

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Dumb as hell if you ask me.

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That's a lot of money.

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@tycobb said:

I was browsing Google News and saw this article.

Shit, people use Google News?

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@tycobb said:

I was browsing Google News and saw this article.

Shit, people use Google News?

Eh, it makes seeing the top stories of the day easy and gives me lots of options of where I want to read the article. It's kind of nice to be able open the same topic up in multiple tabs all from different sources and read the different point of views of the authors or get more of the story. I found there are a lot of times where one article will have some information and another won't, but also had something the other didn't. I have no loyalty to a particular news site so I like what Google News offers for top stories and categories.

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@tycobb: Oh totally not flaming or anything, it just seems really rare to see anyone openly mention using either Google News, or Google+ (wait, does anyone use that?).

I agree with you nonetheless, as there's a whole load of 'popular' news websites that are complete horseshit (see Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed etc.)

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@dudeglove: It seems like the only people who use Google+ are either engineers or less popular bloggers.

On topic: Wow, I've never heard of this before. Wasn't Nintendo also looking into glassless 3D when developing the DS? Good for the guy to have patented his stuff, I guess. $9.80 for every 3DS sold sounds like an insane amount of money though.

edit: oh I totally missed that $30.2m figure on the thread title somehow.. It sounds like he's only reimbursed for 3DS sold in Japan, then. (or not, I don't even know, I'm basing this on the sales figure on Wikipedia, which doesn't seem right..)