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Out of those games Starfox is the only one I've played, and I agree that there should be a new Starfox game. Not a remake (although that could be cool too), but a genuine sequel/new installment.

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I would love a new Metroid game with multiplayer. The one good thing to come from Metroid: Other M was the squad that backed-up Samus. I'd also like better integration of the gunship into gameplay, an idea toyed with in MP3. And an overall better presentation of the 'universe' Metroid takes place in. Its also time for a new Star Fox game, with the same kind of background elements I mentioned above. The Star Fox characters themselves could benefit from a Ratchet & Clank-style game, as the whole 'cool guns' approach to platforming doesn't really fit Mario's world, and would be downright blasphemous in a LoZ title! But I'm convinced Retro Studios could produce the kind of title I envision. Nintendo could also benefit from giving us new iterations of Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, etc. on Wii U. These games SHOULD have come out on the Wii, and why they didn't is still a mystery to me. Eternal Darkness would probably go a long way in convincing the so-called 'hardcore' gamer to buy a Wii U, and the tablet and Wiimote both offer so many opportunities to expand the gameplay. The Wii U's tablet seems like an ideal control scheme for Advance Wars, when you think about it. Ditto for Pikmin.