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That would be sad if they did limit it. But this is probably subject to change considering it won't even be out until Spring of 2009.
But I wonder why they would limit it. Maybe it's a pain to implement into games. I'm not sure,  but I want to see it on a lot of games so if this is true, that's disappointing.

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Not unless they put motionplus inside the controller....

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gd point i believe they said they are looking into putting it inside the remote.

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Well, they better do that instead, otherwise people will just get upset that they bought MotionPlus, and then there's MotionPlus controllers. Unless of course it adds up to be the same price.

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The potential for a true 1:1 controller in games is interesting, I really want to see what games come out, it would be a shame if Nintendo didn't realizes this, on the other hand if the MotionPlus isn't out until spring so a lot of speculation would rise around it.

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I'd imagine they don't want to divide the userbase. If every game begins using Wii Motion+, and not every has it for each Wii remote, consumers will be unhappy. What they should do is everything possible to get motion+ into homes. I don't know how, perhaps they should have worked towards it in the beginning.

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That seems to be purely speculation.

I see you've put this in the General forum, but wouldn't it be more appropriate to have it in the Wii MotionPlus forum? It wouldn't hurt to have it not be empty.