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#51 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

Mark of the Ninja does, its my GOTY.

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Eat some pie

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Well, I guess we should jus name FTL game of the year since you didn't list it as ineligible.

#54 Posted by redbliss (669 posts) -

You sound mad. Maybe you should take a break from video games, or just stop playing them altogether.

#55 Posted by LikeaSsur (1687 posts) -

No mention of Asura's Wrath means your joke was dead before the gates even opened.

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Good joke, you got me.

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I think this is meant to be funny, it's not, but I think he's trying.

#58 Posted by MonkeyMitcho (135 posts) -

Thank you really needed to tell me why Resident Evil 6 ISN'T GOTY or else i would've gone my entire life thinking it's the best game ever.

#59 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1332 posts) -

That was pretty funny haha

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@ThePhantomStranger said:

Persona 4 Arena

Is a visual novel like The Walking Dead and thus not a game except for when it's a fighting game but that doesn't count because I don't understand fighting games.

There is nothing about this statement that isn't completely stupid.

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I like how so many people missed the point on the 1st page.

still, I guess you did a good job of parodying a lot of the silly things that get said here and on other sites

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@Willin said:

@BeachThunder said:

@Nottle said:

@FinalDasa said:

Can't tell if serious.

No game, ever, has not had problems. Live with it.

Are you sure? There has to be some right?



If i could be so bold, there are probably about 5 games Shigeru Miyamoto worked on that I'd have a hard time finding flaws in.

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I just think GoTY should come with an asterisk if the year was terrible or if Skyrim was picked for no reason whatsoever etc.

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@mabber36 said:

trials evolution deserves goty, not only is it's gameplay the best, most polished and fun for this year, but it could go down in history as one of the greats

I didn't like it that much. Played the hell out of Trials HD and Evolution just felt... weird. The physics were kind of borked and the tracks are not as fun to ride a thousand times over.

My GotY is Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition. New content was pretty cool and it's still probably my favorite game ever. I know how the staff feels about that game however.

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@FancySoapsMan said:

I like how so many people missed the point on the 1st page.

still, I guess you did a good job of parodying a lot of the silly things that get said here and on other sites

seriously, I mean come on people.

maybe that makes the OP smarter than most of the people who were posting in the thread.


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@Animasta said:

@FancySoapsMan said:

I like how so many people missed the point on the 1st page.

still, I guess you did a good job of parodying a lot of the silly things that get said here and on other sites

seriously, I mean come on people.

maybe that makes the OP smarter than most of the people who were posting in the thread.


Indeed. o_o

Has this site's community become so jaded that their sarcasm detector has completely rusted over? :P

A few gems:

@ThePhantomStranger said:

Darksiders II

Was padded out and Patrick didn't like it and Patrick is some sort of authority on heavy metal things like death or rock and roll...

Resident Evil 6

Camera, shooting, bland supporting characters that aren't Sherry, and co-op. Also your decisions in past resident evil games aren't reflected in this one. What happened when I took that shotgun back in Raccoon City!

Forza Horizon

A console exclusive for the 360. It can't be GOTY because no one played the superior PC version.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Had a Vita release. End of story. VITA BAD I OWN A PSP.


Eh...yeah OK it's a contender I guess

Oh yeah, and this:

@ThePhantomStranger said:

Let's be honest here Game of the Year is the most important annual event in gaming.

You would hope most would realize this should not be the case. :P

And yet, given how many people in this thread alone are clearly proving this point- I must shake my head. >_>

#67 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

I thought your ramblings were pretty funny, thanks OP.

#68 Posted by ThePhantomStranger (457 posts) -

Hopefully this isn't considered a useless bump:

Paradoxically I agree with what everyone said:

@Gamer_152 said:

I think most fans of Giant Bomb are aware that here at least, a large part of the enjoyment from the GoTYs is us and the staff exploring the strengths and weaknesses of various games, and generally doing a whole "Year in review" type process.

I very much agree with this and is why I attempted this satire. What wasn't satire was disclaimer at the beginning. As 2am I forgot that associating the post with the Satire Concept wouldn't appear on the forum.

I've definitely never heard anyone say we shouldn't enjoy the GoTYs in that fashion because it was too "new" an idea. GoTY also isn't about finding a perfect game;

I was mostly trying to make reference to new games journalism but again I didn't make it clear enough so people not understanding the satire and not getting that throw in is on me.

I think a lot of your assessments of the games that have come out are reductionist and overly cynical, but nobody has ever said that GoTY was about finding the game with zero flaws, the end result is just deciding on the best game that was released this year, and even if you think it was a bit of a bum year, there are always games that stand out above others in terms of quality.

I started the post trying to think of as many bad games, from the "Important games list", but was surprised to find so little to leverage. In all honesty I finished this post with a brighter opinion of this year and previously I didn't think much about the year negatively mostly just an average year.

@Dynablade said:

@ThePhantomStranger: Are you just a fascist by nature or do you inadvertently love people to read your stupidity? Saying no game is a contender for Game of The Year is like eating a chimichanga without cheese, dull, empty, and unsatisfying. Sure there maybe a flaw with the chimichanga that doesn't make it taste as great as the last one, but that doesn't mean we can discount it because it gave you an upset stomach. Duder you got to raise beyond the beef, way beyond those beans, and experience the whole hearten goodness without concerning yourself with petty inconveniences.

I really like this metaphor for some reason. One quick question: does the fact that the previous chimichanga tasted better mean anything or was that just framing for the metaphor?

@RPGee said:

Provocative title and content?

Little to no actual reasoning and thought, and really just reduction out the arse?

I'm calling this as a troll. Or a trawl for hits. In either case, this has minimal actual discussion value through its framing. I think the idea of "Hey, maybe we don't need a GOTY" is interesting, but not like this.

I'm sorry that this ended up looking like trolling. Once more my fault entirely for not making the satire more clear by the end and prompting proper discussion.

@Animasta said:

you know OP I thought your point wasn't a great point, and I thought it was pretty obvious, but it obviously went over a lot of people's heads here (probably because your thread title was misleading but OH WELL):

guys he is arguing that he'd rather just hear discussions of games against other games without making one of them better than the rest.

which is a dumb point, because there's no real difference between the two and may invite more in depth discussion, but dang, it's like people don't read the entire post before saying NURP.

That would be a dumb point and take the legs out of a discussion. Competition is useful. I was mostly poking fun at the level of crazy importance some, perhaps just a few in retrospect, people put on GOTY discussion. So I agree with your post in general.

@Scottish_Sin said:

You're trying WAY too hard.

Yeah it was a bit difficult to actually come up with clever slights against all the games that came out this year...had to resort to nonsense at times.

To ensure that I have a concrete, non-satire, version of my point: I felt a great many people put a bit to much importance on GOTY in a similar way that review scores and those gosh darn 8.8s get tagged with. I absolutely love the GOTY discussions on the bombcast every year and love when the community engages in thoughtful discussion about the year's releases because it helps people learn and improve the medium.

#69 Posted by Demoskinos (16436 posts) -

GOTY is about what you found most fun. It doesn't have to be the "best" game.

#70 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

this was like 2 steps away from being funny

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I disagree. While this year was ... different.... I wouldnt say no game is worth GOTY. Different games than we're used to are top contenders and there was a lot of redefining game play mechanics and story telling in games this year. 
This was a very experimental year it seems. Picking GOTY will be difficult but I wouldn't say none stand out. Several games definitely stand out.

#72 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

@FancySoapsMan said:

I like how so many people missed the point on the 1st page.

still, I guess you did a good job of parodying a lot of the silly things that get said here and on other sites

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Almost funny, almost being the key word here.

#74 Posted by smokeyd123 (360 posts) -

You're alright OP... You're alright.

I really didn't play that many big titles this year, (Played a lot of older, mostly Japanese games) and the ones I did play didn't really stick with me. I guess my GOTY contender would be... The Walking Dead? I haven't even gotten to the second episode.

Really liked XCOM, could definitely be GOTY, just not for me personally.

It seems my enjoyment with gaming is dwindling... maybe it's just a seasonal thing.

#75 Posted by kristov_romanov (494 posts) -

The mark, I believe it has been missed.

#76 Posted by gamefreak9 (2877 posts) -

Well... you like mark of the Ninja... and you don't critisize it. Why not it?

#77 Posted by mtcantor (966 posts) -

You know, I get that this is a joke, but there is a nugget of truth here. This year was full of good but not great games.

#78 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

Alright, that's much more sensible than your OP. I'm glad it wasn't actually some dumb troll post.

I seriously do believe that there can be an argument for not having a GOTY, since it inevitably doesn't affect me whatsoever. I don't need anyone to either validate my opinions or tear them down.

However, I'd keep them on for a few reasons. I find the GB GOTY process madly entertaining; it's clearly an important aspect of the industry, a bit like Oscars are to the movie industry; there are probably quite a few people who would be up in arms at its lack. I'm sure there are other reasons with the developers and producers themselves that we just can't know about.

So there is legitimate discussion here, and it's good of you to bring it up. I'm just sad the attempted satire hindered it for me. My apologies for my labelling you as a troll, which I thus rescinde.
#79 Posted by Slag (5698 posts) -

my bad dude I missed that it was sarcasm. I guess that's what happens when you read something at 2am that has been written at 2am

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@ThePhantomStranger said:
Diablo III

Had a crappy mmo launch without being an mmo but it's OK because that's how mmo's launch anyway. Those darn devs never know how many people want their game. Also the late game is bad which means the whole game is retroactively ruined, also known as the Ass Erect effect.

Actually, the late game is great now; the economy and endgame essentially match Diablo II's.
But also: I know you're trolling, but I don't agree with the opposites of the points you're making by being sarcastic.
1) Diablo III is an MMO. It's an instanced MMO with a party size of four.
2) MMO launches will always be like this forever, because servers cost money. I apologize if I'm assuming wrong, but once you've seen servers and network topolgies from the other side, you'll understand why this happens. They aren't going to blow a bunch of extra money to meet their peak demand in the first two weeks; they're just going to let it be subpar for the first two weeks and then, once it evens out, adjust their server capacities accordingly. This part doesn't necessarily apply to Diablo III, but: if you don't, you end up with a SWTOR situation. Not enough servers at launch, buy a shitton of servers, then the servers are empty within months and you have to continuously merge servers because there's nobody on any of them. They went from like 50 at launch to like 8-10 now. That's both insane and a fucking nightmare.
3) A bad ending/endgame can ruin a game if it goes against what the player was expecting going in. See: zero endgame in a game that's a sequel to a game that I've been playing very regularly for over a decade (Diablo III), false choice leading to copypasted endings in a trilogy built entirely around player agency (Mass Effect 3), etc.
Diablo II is my favorite game of all time. After going back and forth on Diablo III pre-release, I finally caved and got it free with that year of WoW promotion. I beat Inferno and had four level 60s in early June, two weeks after the game had released, before the patch that nerfed everything (1.0.3 I think?). I quit playing the day after that patch because, with the way they had structured it, beating Inferno was the end of the game. I left the game in disgust, and from the beginning of June through the end of October, Diablo III was near the top of my list of most disappointing games I'd ever played. In less than a month, I was already done with a game whose predecessor I had been playing since release. It was a game I'd been waiting for for almost 10 years.
Then Blizzard decided to stop being stubborn, admit their shortcomings, and fix all the places where they'd missed the mark in emulating Blizzard North, and the game became great. I started playing again near the end of October, and it's awesome. There are still a few itemization and design issues, but overall, it's much closer to the legacy of Diablo II than the product they put out in May was, and I'm hopeful that the rest will get ironed out in time now that they're on the right track. Diablo III is definitely up there for my GOTY list. It's not number one (that's probably Sleeping Dogs), but it's up there.

This ended up way longer than it probably should have and those last two paragraphs were maybe somewhat off-topic, but I guess I had a lot to say about Diablo and needed some place to say it. Lemme know if you made it this far!
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I can't think of a game I'm actually rooting for.

Persona 4 Golden is pretty good, but that's a re-release with some added stuff, so I doubt it's being considered.

XCOM was alright, but did anyone actually play that game more than once? I tried, got bored, and went back to playing the original.

Nothing else interested me this year. And I can't really imagine what the Giant Bomb guys will decide, though I guess it just depends on what game Brad decides he likes.

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So.. Too put it shortly, beacuse you didn't really liked any of those games, you don't think any of them deserves to be a GOTY this year?

Edit: Also how the hell can you decide that games you haven't even played isn't GOTY material?

#84 Posted by hermes (1784 posts) -

If you are being silly on propose, good for you...

If you are being serious, I don't even know where to start...