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Hey Duders,

I must be going blind, but I couldn't find anything on Halo 5 in the news on our beloved website. Did I miss it or is there nothing to report on?

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The only thing in the clear is that it's due (99% likely, fall, Q4) 2015 and more information is coming at E3, unless MS suffer more leaks.

You can definitely expect something like a beta code coming with the Halo collection, possibly only the CE of it.

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l'm looking forward to Destiny but Halo 5, not sure where the news is.

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Giant Bomb has never been in the business of reporting on every single news story (at least not formally - most items of any significance at all will at least be touched on in the Bombcast and/or Bombin' the AM).

I don't think there was really enough meat on the bone with this Halo 5 news to prompt anything. It's just a title and a vague release date that's over a year away for a game that's a known quantity that has already been teased at last year's E3. I'm pretty confident there will be plenty more Halo news to report on in a few weeks at this year's E3.

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I actually like GB tends to pass on speculative/rumor stories.

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they dont really bother with it if it does not have a trailer.

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GB doesn't really bother with product announcements, especially if there isn't video available. The practice of turning a press release into a two paragraph piece of "news" is very boring. If everything you need to know can fit in a headline then it's not worth writing an article about it.

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Thx for the input. Halo must be losing its mojo. I remember a time when everybody freaked out when they saw the letter "H" . But you´re right, there´s no real news besides the obvious fact that something is in production atm.

P.s.: I love cats

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@firefly: I love cats too brah , High Five.

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@extomar said:

I actually like GB tends to pass on speculative/rumor stories.

This isn't speculation. The press release about the game went up on the Xbox site. But yeah, Giant Bomb is not a straight news site, there are plenty of other outlets out there already doing that.