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went to gamestop yesterday and the manager told me that games $4.99 and under no longer come with original game covers even if people trade them ln with them

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Games selling for around 4.99 are usually really old, so I imagine it makes business sense to throw away some cases after a couple of years.

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Makes sense for the price.

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That's cool I guess.

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GB ate my fucking post, damn it!

Anyway, I just said that they've been doing this for a while now. At the moment they're probably getting a lot of trade-ins so it makes sense.

Amazon often has older games with the cases intact, check there. You might end up spending a fair bit more, though.

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Game cases or the cover art? If they remove the game cases, maybe they'll start selling separately.

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There's been a few times I didn't get a case with a brand new 60 dollar game. Not even joking. Ofcourse I instantly returned

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gamestop sucks

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I have a paper cd sleeve with used DS games in it thanks to Gamestop. Even when they had a case for it, they kept it for display.

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Why throw away the case if someone sells them a copy with it?

Or does any game that comes with a case mean they will automatically charge more that $5 for it?

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@andorski: I assume for more "shelf space", toss the cases out and keep the games in a paper sleeve in a filing cabinet.

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Well good thing they don't have a lot of games that cheap.

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Well, that's what you get at a glorified pawn shop.

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If you care about packaging you're probably buying on Amazon or Ebay from people listing the condition properly anyway.

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Well if they are ditching the cases I hope they are at least recycling them.

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If you care about packaging you're probably buying on Amazon or Ebay from people listing the condition properly anyway.

Exactly. I go to GameStop if I want the game immediately and the price is right (aka 2 for 1 deals). If I want a vintage/particular game in stellar condition, I go elsewhere.