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#51 Posted by crusader8463 (14756 posts) -

For awhile there I was pretty sure I was going to get a PS4, but once they announced they were adding a paywall to online stuff I lost all interest. I refuse to pay a monthly fee for stuff I get on my PC for free. I only ever play consoles very rarely, as PC is my main platform, and the idea of needing to pay a subscription tax every time I buy a game and want to play it online disgusts me. I can go months without touching my consoles so I'm not going to pay the price of a new game for a year at a time when I will only use it a few weeks out of the year.

On top of all of that, there's just nothing on them that interests me game wise. Anything with cool online is immediately ignored because of the above mentioned, and so far there are no single player games worth getting.

#52 Posted by jasbir (108 posts) -

I'm still excited on XONE. I can't wait!

@bigjeffrey said:

dat dead rising 3.

dead rising 3 and ryse looks sweet.

#53 Posted by cocabis (119 posts) -

Growing up in a country where everybody has a PC around and 90% of the people pirate all games, I always thought consoles are the most awesome thing but I could not afford them because they had crazy prices. I was always into gaming, and had bootleg atari 2600 and nes growing up but when I got really really into gaming it was around 2007 and I barely knew whats up with consoles anymore. So this year when I heard about new consoles I was actually a bit excited, man, this is the first time I'll be part of a console launch, and I will probably afford it! And then I started looking into them more. And then I got a gaming PC so I can only laugh at them. Probably gonna get a ps4 when they'll drop the price around 250 if good exclusives come out in the next years. I dunno, I was hoping it would be awesome but all I can see is "Hey, buy this very limited harware, buy super expensive games that almost all of them come out on pc nowadays, play them at bad framerates".

#54 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

I will only be excited for the ps4 when I can no longer buy games for my ps3.

#55 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

I have a Wii U, and occasionally play it. I don't care about games anymore really.

#56 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1138 posts) -

Same here, which suits me fine as I cannot afford a new system in the foreseeable future.
If I was to buy a new system now it would be a 3DS XL. That Zelda and Pokemon looks sweet!
I blame the games really, as there isn't really any exclusives I really want. The games I am looking forward to at this time are Starbound, Star Citizen, Dark Souls 2 and a myriad of smaller PC releases. In fact, I believe the high amount of great games coming out on PC has made the consoles more or less obsolete for me.

#57 Edited by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

The Xbone, XBO, One, or whatever you want to call it has absolutely nothing on it worth getting excited over as a gamer. Maybe if you are hard core into FPS you will one day want one if you have no solid spec gaming PC... But the launch line up of both consoles is less than impressive, the XBone's technical limitations so far are embarrassing, and my PC still out performs both consoles. So you ask "Why have you preordered a PS4 Kark?". Because sooner or later there will be console exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 5 that I do care about and I would rather just secure my console now rather than later. Also why PS4... well... it is the better console period. It plays games in higher resolution, has the better hardware, was made to be a gaming console first not a media box, and I don't care about any Microsoft exclusive especially since they will all come to PC anyway more than likely. Not to mention that but PS+ was crap at first but over time has become a better service than Xbox Live.

#58 Posted by biggiedubs (539 posts) -

The only gaming thing I'm excited for at all is Dark Souls 2, which comes out next March for the old consoles anyway. i was thinking about it the other day, it's kinda depressing that it's the only thing I'm excited for in gaming, really.

#59 Posted by NorseDudeTR (464 posts) -

@gatehouse: Yeah, I feel kind of the same way, seems like that’s not unusual.

#60 Edited by Colourful_Hippie (5024 posts) -

It's hard to get excited when my PC can run games at a higher fidelity already. If I didn't have a PC I would probably go ahead with getting a PS4 but only because I would want better hardware, not because of their launch plans and promises

#61 Posted by mintyice (226 posts) -

I bought a new PC in August instead of getting a PS4/Xbone. I'm already next gen considering I can run everything at 1080p/60fps. I might get a PS4 in a year or two and the main thing that would get me to do so are indie exclusives.

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I will wait until there are more games I feel like I want. But if the games I want will be released on PC I might just play on that. The next Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Fallout and the other games I really need to play will most likely appear on PC. Killzone or Halo or Gears of War I don't care about much.

It is an upside down world when the FPS games get released on consoles and RPG's on PC. Back in the days of Quake and Unreal it was the opposite. Now it is mostly shooters that are exclusive to consoles.

#63 Posted by dagas (3083 posts) -

@mintyice said:

I bought a new PC in August instead of getting a PS4/Xbone. I'm already next gen considering I can run everything at 1080p/60fps. I might get a PS4 in a year or two and the main thing that would get me to do so are indie exclusives.

Yeah, and you don't even need a crazy powerful PC to do that. My PC is from 2011 with the CPU upgraded to Ivy Bridge in 2012 and it runs everything in 1080p even though it was not that expensive even back then. I spend just €150 for a video card in 2011 and that is on paper as powerful as the video card in the PS4.

#64 Posted by ChoboBot (192 posts) -

I cancelled my pre-order when WatchDogs was delayed as that was my launch game for PS4, will definitely pick one up early next year.

#65 Edited by SarcasticMudcrab (244 posts) -

I'll definitely be getting a ps4 sometime but I'm not in a hurry for it, really more interested in the Oculus rift at this point, I'll be going where that seems strongest, which is most likely PC of course, having said that the steam machine is looking to be more of the kind of thing I'd like to be using in the future, have to wait and see.

#66 Posted by DonPixel (2759 posts) -

There just aren't any real compelling games for any consoles at the moment.

this!... and the ones that look promising (titan fall and watch dogs I'm looking at you!) are coming to PC so.. why bother?

#67 Posted by hermes (1801 posts) -

Yeah... me neither. I get excited about games more than consoles and, right now, there is no compelling reason to take the jump.

The same happened this generation, where the first must play game for the PS3 was MGS4... Maybe after Titanfall and infamous 3 get released.

#68 Posted by GiantLizardKing (745 posts) -

The new consoles just don't have much to play at launch. If I had 500 dollars to spend right now, I'd probably buy a Wii U, Wind Waker, Mario 3d World, and Rayman. My gaming PC can already play everything else coming to consoles that I care about. Also the 3ds is totally stacked this holiday season.

#69 Posted by Gyrfal (133 posts) -

X: Rebirth is coming out on the same day as the PS4 and I'm finding myself WAY more excited to play that game than anything that's out on the new consoles within the first few months.

#70 Posted by Giefcookie (631 posts) -

I'm excited because it means GB livestreams! Beyond that, I have a PC.

#71 Posted by billymagnum (860 posts) -

new consoles = *blows raspberry*