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For the past 4 years I've been buying like every decent game on steam - have tons of games on my steam account, and all the good console exclusives.

YET, I have hardly completed any of them!

The only game that I completed last year was Sleeping dogs.

For the past few years, I buy the game on launch and play like first few hours of the game and never get back to it, and seek another game to buy.

This is a very unhealthy habit, especially for my wallet. When I am bored and look it my huge steam library of all the unfinished games, hardly any of them entices me to turn it back on and continue playing.

I want to know if anyone else has this problem, and how many of the games you buy do you actually complete?


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I have some games in my steam library that I haven't finished, mostly because I get stuck. I do go back to them occasionally to see if I can figure it out.

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I buy a lot of games and don't start them (copies of all three Deus Ex games on my Steam account are just three of over one hundred examples) but I generally finish upwards of twenty games per year.

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the binding of isaac and Limbo

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My problem is not finishing games even if they suck.

I will seriously torture myself until I get through a game even if it's terrible.

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Yep, I'm in the same boat except it extends beyond steam for me. It's the reason I recently made a backloggery account.

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@lolak47: I started keeping lists here on Giantbomb of all the games I finish.

It's helped me get motivated to actually finish more games and it puts how many games I can reasonably finish in a year into perspective, if I can only finish 20 games a year, then I should only be buying 20 games a year and I've been trying to hold to that now.

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I was on a real streak with my 360 finishing most every game I started. However, I recently got back into PC gaming and it is way to easy to buy tons of games at really great prices making it too easy to switch to another game when I get bored or stuck.

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Maybe going to backloggery.com will help you sort through all the games you own and your completion on them. Or it'll just make you super depressed.

Been to lazy to actually finish cataloging all them games. Still makes me sad although I do try to beat every game I start and if they have achievements/trophies I try to get 100%/Plat. Even if they don't I try to get everything done, I just like the ones with achievements and trophies the best because it's easier to keep track of things.

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My worst-offender: Dead Island. Bought it when it launched, got toward the end, stopped playing, and haven't looked back.

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This is a constant problem for me and not just with Steam and not even just with games. I think I might just wipe the slate clean and accept that I'm never going to finish those half-finished games so I should stop worrying about it. I mean, it can't have been that great if I didn't have the will to finish it first time around, right?

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I have the same problem, but I do manage to finish 10-15 games a year and sometimes go for full achievements/trophies for a few. Although my Steam library is 100+ games and I have a stack of console games I never even took out of the wrapping, but I know that I am lucky to be able to spoil myself like this.

I imagine its very common when video games become a hobby. Its not like hobbies like fantasy football where there are stakes that keep you on top of it. I follow video game releases and the industry with a hint of triviality. I pick up games that interest me, and if that interest falls away, move on. Its easy and fun to watch Quick Looks and play games. Games are cheap on Steam and they become impulse buys. I've recently gotten much better at controlling myself, but still find myself double dipping. I own LA Noire on Steam and PS3, haven't given it a second thought when I consider what to play next.

I have only circumstantial evidence but not finishing games is an epidemic. I've been playing Ys Origin on PC. The game is awesome, fast paced, easy to get into but you don't lose much if you stop and start. Out of curiosity I checked the global achievements stats, 0% of players have completed the game on hard difficulty with any character. I recently went back to try and finish Braid, looking at the same achievements, less than 25% of people have finished that game. Time and again a new shiny toy is released and I shift my attention to play with it rather than look at the stack of shit I already own. Its not all bad, I found a charity that accepts used games/consoles and installs them in children's hospitals and playrooms. I gave away my Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube to people who may use them. I would encourage others to do the same.

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I've been good. Only bought two games during the holidays and making my way through what I have. Finished Halo 4 and Sleeping Dogs. Not counting BLOPS 2 since I only play multiplayer on it. Working my way though Far Cry 3. Trying to do one game at a time now instead of multiple games.

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Stockpiling behaviour and the "Too Much Choice" effect. It's all out there to read. My mate who was a huge gamer bought a memory card thing for his DS where you download games (Can't remember the name, like an R4) and as soon as he did that the games became sort of worthless and he got fed up of most of them.

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I wish my problem was not finishing, as opposed to not playing at all.
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for my Xbox i find if i don't take the disc out of the console until I'm done, then I'm good.

Maybe have only 1 game installed at a time?

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i play games until they stop being fun

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I don't buy a game without the intention of playing it very soon. The only exception is my PS3 collection, but that's just because I'm annoyed at that system (for example: I know that if I want to start on the Sly Collection I bought on the PSN, I'll have download a firmware update for the PS3, install the game, and them maybe patch the game if there is a patch. This sort of thing just keeps happening. I don't even know how many firmware updates I'm behind on now. Meanwhile, I download games on Steam when I buy them. So those are sitting there ready to go already. Guess which library I spend more time working my way through? Yeah, PC).

But yeah, I tend to actually play and finish games aside from the PS3. And whenever I do get into that PS3 library and go through all the firmware and installation BS, I'll likely stick with it for a while until I've put a big dent in that collection.