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  • On startup holding a preset button doesn't log your profile into Live or logs you in with status visibility to offline.
  • On startup holding a preset button starts either game you have in or media centre or dashboard - you set the option.
  • Option to set the start page to whatever you want.
  • When you press the guide button and you're in a party the sign out with X should change to sign out of party.
  • Ability to search your friends to see if they've played a game you've got.  This could easily show a gamerscore list of them vs you, but I'd want it so I knew who I could try hitting up for multiplayer.
  • Checkboxes to set what notifications you want to see.  You might want to see if you get achievements but don't want to think you've got it when somebody comes online, or vice versa, you might think achievements and stupid so want the notifications turned off.
  • Sounds for achievements / download finishes / friends online should have different sound effects so there's no more "I got the achieveme... oh, it's you" disappointment.
  • You should be able to put a "password" protect on xbox live purchases just like you can on the login to your account.  This means you can let somebody play on your box on your profile when you're not there but there's no chance a few button presses means all your points are down the toilet on an addon for a game you'll never own.

Notice these are all convenience features and not wild new abilities and would be really easy to program.  Anybody think of any more simple things to make life easier?