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As the current console generation winds down and games I find worthy of full retail price have started to become a much rarer occurrence I've found myself seeking out games that I either missed during this generation or games that I maybe wouldn't usually play otherwise. Does anyone have any recommendations for good, obscure-ish games that came out for either console this generation that you think are at least worth giving a go? As long as it's not too expensive I'm pretty much willing to try it.

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Singularity was a great little shooter that slipped under the radar. I just checked Amazon and you can pick up a new copy for under $13. Give it a try!

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Also, Radiant Historia.

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@slumberpunch said:

Singularity was a great little shooter that slipped under the radar. I just checked Amazon and you can pick up a new copy for under $13. Give it a try!

Already played it! But I agree, that game is awesome.

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I liked Timeshift a whole lot when I played it. That was a while ago, though.

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I really like Child of Eden. Maybe give that a show, I bet it is super cheap now, if maybe hard to find.

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Dead to Rights: Retribution

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DJ Hero was a pretty fun rhythm game that I haven't seen talked about in a couple years.

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Culdcept Saga was a great game on Xbox 360. Its like a cross between Monopoly and Magic the Gathering with some RPG elements overlaid. The demo is as far as I know still up on LIVE too so go check it out. I foolishly sold my copy.

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Space Marine and Metro 2033. Not the most obscure but didn't sell too well either.

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At PAX 2012, I asked if they had a copy of Blood on the Sand at the console freeplay room. They scoffed at the request.

Also, while not a console game, Infinite Space needs to be re-printed or re-released on another platform.

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Any Call of Duty game, hidden gems.

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Valkyria Chronicles.

Even if you don't like anime, you'll like this game. Great combat system.

It didn't sell well in America because it was published by Sega, which means it had zero marketing push.

Fucking Sega.

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@pr1mus said:

Space Marine and Metro 2033. Not the most obscure but didn't sell too well either.

I believe it's spelled "Shpashe Murrain".

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I need to give Valkyria another shot. I love strategy games, and at least like anime, but didn't like much about VC at all. Just felt like there were a ton of cutscenes/comic book sequences telling a story I didn't care about when I just wanted to play. Felt like the actual gameplay time was a fraction of the time I spent listening to the story. But I also didn't get super far, so perhaps that changes. It didn't after like three hours though, so I just stopped playing. Perhaps I'll pop that in while I wait for the big March games to release.

I agree with the person who said Radiant Historia for sure though. A great RPG, I actually prefer it to Chrono Trigger (which people won't agree with, but whatever). I need to check out that Fragile Dreams thing too.

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Rise of the Argonauts; ancient Greek mythology with the WRPG trappings of a Bioware/Obsidian game.

Tron: Evolution; A decent action platformer that you may enjoy if Tron's aesthetic is your thing.

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@flymeatwad: The tutorial missions are rather short and that's why the story cutscene to gameplay ratio is off at first. I'd say that the missions start to get much longer once you do the mission in East Vassel (Chapter 4 or 5 I think).

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If you look to Japan you can find a lot of games that never made it to the west.

and if you don't speak Japanese it's not necessarily the end of the world unless it's a heavily story focused game.

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@video_game_king: I see this game posted in almost every "games nobody played" thread here. Are you the one doing this?

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@mosespippy: Hmm, I think that's around where I stopped. Not harm popping it back in and restarting I guess, it definitely seems like a game I would love.

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The unsung hero of this generation.

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@dropabombonit: Oh, I know. By unsung hero, I meant it was good, just pretty much everyone forgets it even existed.

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Nier is the best game ever made (in my opinion, obviously)

you should play it

because no one really did and all the critics hate it because they're terrible

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Pure is a fantastic racing game that I had a blast with, and there are tons of Xbox Live Indie Games that slipped under everyone's radar. My personal favorite is Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL.

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@sathingtonwaltz: The only people who played Warhawk past the first year are people who have put in hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours. New players are just not going to find it fun playing against that competition. It's much more difficult to pick up and play than a Halo or CoD style multiplayer. Since the game does such a terrible job of teaching players the mechanics 85% of players only played for 3 hours or less.

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@animasta said:

Nier is the best game ever made (in my opinion, obviously)

you should play it

because no one really did and all the critics hate it because they're terrible

Nier is one of the most interesting and heartbreaking games ever made. The game part of Nier is aggressively mediocre and at times bad. Still totally worth playing though. Just get the Phoenix Spear as soon as possible.

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This thread reminds me how much I want to play Fragile Dreams and Folklore. Before the gen is over, I swear.

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I finished Alpha Protocol last weekend, not sure it counts as obscure but it wasn't a big hit and it's very much worth playing.

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One of my (embarrassing) favorites of this gen that no one else played and / or hated if they did play was Operation Darkness for the Xbox 360. Everyone hates it largely because the graphics are barely PS2 quality and the camera is the worst that has ever appeared in an SRPG.

That being said, the story is ridiculously amazing (It's WW2 alternative history with Werewolves and Vampires, Anime, etc.) and full of characters with stupid over the top personalities, and the game is pretty damn good from an SRPG standpoint. Again though, the camera is the absolute worst ever and this game has a 46 metacritic score. I would never have played it if it wasn't sub $10 and published by Atlus.

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wait, what games do you normally play, & do things like flower or other non retail count as under the radar?

baja edge of control (NOT 1000 from activision), the darkness, army of 2 (1, 2), skate (1, 2, 3), the 2 tony hawk games before the skateboard controller, afro samurai, haze, fracture, eat lead, simpsons, bourne, deblob, enslaved, MAG, valkyria chronicles & folklore as mentioned earlier, midnight club LA, mx vs atv untamed (reflex & alive are harder to control), smash cars, super rub a dub, every pixeljunk game, mushroom wars, microbot, funky lab rat, eat them, crash commando, burn zombie burn, blast factor, auditorium hd....

well i could keep listing small or 'indie' games but then it just becomes a list of games to check out that may or may not be mainstream & that you may or may not have played already

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asuras wrath

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It's been a long time since I've booted it up and I'm sure the community consists of only 3 people now, but Altitude was, and might still be a great game.

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The Prince of Persia game from 2008 with the cell shaded graphics was actually a surprisingly good game that's worth giving a go if you haven't done so.

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I really enjoyed Madworld for the Wii. Not terribly obscure, but it sold like shit and didn't seem to make much of an impression on the community.

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Feel like I've said this too many times before, but Resonance of Fate is great. It's a gameplay focused jrpg with unique and interesting combat, levelling and loot/crafting, while also having some pretty damn ridicolous story-points. It's one of very few games I've played through more than twice this generation, which is sorta impressive considering it's a 30+ hour game.

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate came and went with little fanfare but the curving bullets mechanic is neat and deserves to be tried out.

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Very cool card/board game. One of these will set you back 70 bucks if you want a new one. There aren't many games from the current gen that are actually worth more now then they were when they launched.

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@babychoochoo: I was thinking about playing that, you might have just convinced me.

@doubleplusrad: If it makes you feel any better i also very much enjoyed operation darkness. I guess it would be crazy to hold out hope for a portable version of that game or hope for a new game in that series.

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@animasta: Is that game still worth it even if I know "the twist"? (the way I remember it, it sounded like a twist anyway...) My friend told me about around the time it came because I had no interest in playing in it, but after hearing that, I feel I may have spoiled it for myself.

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Wait, are you asking for just xbox and playstation games or games for the whole generation? Because Wii would count right?

Anyway, i would say Muramasa. Also Bladestorm maybe? ( i really like bladestorm! )