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I never completed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Barely played it, actually. I just bought a 3DS XL and considered getting the new version. As this will be my 'first time' should I instead hook up my 64 and play it, or will the 3D version, in 2D of course, suffice? Any significant differences?

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Go for the one with a rumble pack. Heyoh

I'd say the 3DS version is fine, you won't miss out on the "experience". Unless you have easy access to an N64 and OoT cart. Playing old games in old ways is fun in its own way.

"My personal favorite way is emulating it". But maybe that isn't in the spirit of the playthrough.

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I don't see why you wouldn't play the version with better graphics and one that apparently does all it can to make the least favorite part of the game (the water temple, I believe) much less of a pain.

So, yeah, the 3DS version. But then, I've never actually beaten the game. I've just played it for about four hours.

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You're fine with just the 3DS version. It looks better and has the added bonus of Master Quest.

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Just go with the 3DS version. Only thing you'll be missing out on are the awesome glitches in the original.

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If you want the experience of playing the original on a TV, then go for it. Otherwise just play it on the 3DS.

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Just play the 3DS version

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The 3DS version is better. It looks better, it plays better, the 3D looks great and it has Master Quest.

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Indeed, the 3DS version is fucking quality, just make sure you're wearing some headphones, the music in that game is... well, I'm obviously bias because hearing one of those tunes is an instant nostalgia trip for me, but I think it's pretty great.

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No, be prepared to grind and fetch quest.

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Those N64 games sort of look like butt now. The 3ds game looks like how the game should look. They pretty much nailed the concept art.

Also the glaring flaw in that game was being unable to take off the boots without having to go to the start screen. It made a sort of brilliant temple a pain in the ass.

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I enjoyed the 3DS version a lot. Might as well get that version since you got a shiny new 3DS XL.

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The only downside to the 3ds version is the gyro first person. You have to hold the 3DS perfectly steady to shoot things, which got annoying. (Hey, Nintendo. Motion controls still suck. Please stop?) I never found a way to disable it, but other than it's pretty good.

And like others are saying, the 3ds versions inventory is a total upgrade. Toggling the iron boots and and off without pausing is nice.

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Go for the 3DS version, it's pretty much the definitive experience at this point (that's coming from a zelda nut). Nothing has been added or changed apart from some extra visual markings in the water temple that help it flow better and there's a better item management system due to the touch screen. You also get master quest and visuals that match the concept art remarkably closely. The only thing you miss out on is the desaturated murkiness that the n64 version had, which gave the original a certain kind of atmosphere in parts. Then again that might not have been intentional at the time, all n64 games seemed to have this attribute so it's probably just nostalgia on my part that missed that.

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3DS version, all the way. No reason to play the N64 version.

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Play the Japanese N64 version on an emulator. It has less text overall and will make your speedruns faster.

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There's no reason to not play the 3DS version unless you either want to speedrun the game, or play around with all the broken ass glitches in the N64 version. 3DS Master Quest is ass compared to the Gamecube version, though. GC Master Quest rearranges all the dungeon layouts and enemy placements while 3DS Master Quest just mirrors the entire game.


Fastest 100% speedrun time: N64 version 1.0

Screwing with glitches: N64 any version or Wii VC

For Master Quest: Gamecube

First time playthrough: 3DS or Wii VC, preferably 3DS.

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Good deal. Thanks everyone.

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The 3DS version to me was far better in terms of looking better and easier to play, and I've played and beaten every version of the game thus far from the original N64 version to the GCN and 3DS rereleases.

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@morbid_coffee I had completely forgotten that Master Quest was something that existed until your post and now I can't remember if it was just a port or if it had better graphics.

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I'd say get the 3Ds version ,they made a few improvements and it has better graphics. The N64 version on the other hand looks like dog shit and it's hard to go back to that .

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@morbid_coffee I had completely forgotten that Master Quest was something that existed until your post and now I can't remember if it was just a port or if it had better graphics.

Gamecube OoT is pretty much exactly the same as the Wii VC version, both are version 1.2. There were a few grapics changes in the HUD to represent a Gamecube controller instead of a N64 controller, but otherwise all the graphics were the same without the blurriness of an N64.

Master Quest on Gamecube is more or less OoT hard mode with slightly different dungeons and puzzles. 3DS Master Quest is "hey we got lazy so here's some shitty padding."