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Oi hoi hoi, fellow duders!

It seems that when I completed Indie Statik's reader survey, I forgot to uncheck the prize option and ended up winning Octodad and Starseed Pilgrim anyways. I already own both games, so I'm just gonna give them to you fine folk. I'd normally post this on Twitter but bots suck hard, so first ones to post here with a cute puppy picture (Because who doesn't love puppies? Not this guy!) will get the code/link through DM.

Kinda wish I had more than just those two to give away. Darn.

Edit: Oh hey I guess I just bought the weekly Humble Destructoid Bundle sale and I already own all these games how silly of me guess I'll just give those too. Same thing as above: post the one you want (one per person duh) alongside a cute puppy pic and I'll PM the code to you. The games included in that bundle are Little Inferno, Super Hexagon, Natural Selection 2, Critter Crunch, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, and Hotline Miami.

This could be you!

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I wouldn't mind taking that little inferno code off your hands =)

*edit* Thanks! Been wanting to play this game for ages.

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Are gifs allowed? Look at this guy! He's so sleepy!

I'd love Octodad if you've still got it!

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My wolf puppy would like Hotline Miami please.

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Octodad, Hotline Miami, and Little Inferno are gone, too!

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@aurahack: Thanks man. Enjoy this little guy taking it easy in his mum's backpack as my thank you.

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Cool on you


GB needs more cats

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@thebunnyhunter: As a (dual) cat owner, I'm all for cats but yo: puppies.

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i wouldnt mind that Natural Selection 2


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Still some stuff to get rid of, if anyone's interested!

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am i doing this right?

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@wewantsthering: D'AWW LOOK AT FACE. Can't even handle the G-force of his puppyrunning.

@onimonkii: I'm PMing you the password to my entire Steam library right now

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Gotta get you duders into the Steam Giveaway Group. Just log in on the Steamgifts site and PM me a link to your Steam community profile so I can add you to the giveaway group. :)

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super hexagon would be sweet

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@liquidsnakegfer9: D'AWWWWW

@hamst3r: "Your account has been verified, with 295 games, valued at $2,013.11." What the fuck, Eric. Also thank you!