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For those that don't know, Doom 3: BFG Edition is scheduled for release on October 16 of this year for the X360, PS3, and PC. The game will be compatible with a VR headset designed by John Carmack that he's called Oculus Rift.

Carmack's thought is that a bunch of tech savvy people will examine and improve on the design and functionality of Oculus Rift, and eventually a big company (Sony, Microsoft, Google) will pick it up.

I don't know about you guys, but if this VR headset was released for next gen consoles and had support from a lot of big game developers, I'd be pleased as punch to slap down $500 for it.

Now I know a lot of people hate Kinect right now (myself included,) but I think there's potential for the next iteration of Kinect to work well, and if it does, imagine that working with a highly functional VR headset with head tracking.

I think the Move is an even better example. The way the camera can so precisely track the position and angle of the Move wand. If it could also track the VR headset just as well, I think that would be amazing for first person shooters.

And for those who couldn't care less about motion controls, we already know that Oculus Rift works fine with just a controller.

tl;dr: I'm excited and you should be too.