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Poll: Of Sony's Big 3's Three Franchises What are Your Favourites? (132 votes)

Crash Bandicoot 22%
Jak & Daxter 19%
Uncharted 61%
Rocket: Robot on Wheels 2%
Sly Cooper 18%
infamous 48%
Spyro 18%
Ratchet & Clank 31%
Resistance 12%


Alright i'm making this a multiple options poll not so everyone can pick all of them (which I know is tempting) but so I don't do three different polls.

My question is during the PSX, PS2 and PS3 era Insomniac, Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch all contributed 3 exclusive franchises to Sony some of which are my favourites all time. But which are your absolute favourites? Please pick one from each set so it can be more accurate please. I am doing this also because sadly now the 3 developers are changing their paths (especially Insomniac who is going multiplat) and the system will be different with Naughty Dog probably becoming jugglers of several new franchises and Sucker Punch sticking with infamous for PS4. Things will change and I just wanna know what are your fondest memories from these franchises as well as your favourites.

Oh and realize the Rocket game was not a "big" franchise but it was Sucker Punch's PsX contribution so whatever.

And my own personal feelings are that for the most part the PS2 era is where these 3 were huge for me. I would have to say that in the PSX era my pick would be Spyro (especially year of the dragon). On PS2 I played an insane amount of Ratchet and was one of the few in my group of friends who really loved Sly. Jak I played a little bit of but didn't love like I did the other two. And as for PS3 stuff I really liked infamous (especially the first ones ending) the gameplay was fantastic even though the morality was sort of contrived. I was slow to warm to Uncharted but by my second replay of the first one I was on board and love the humour and characters of the series. As for Resistance I chose this series over Killzone as my go to FPS for PS3. I really liked everything about it and was sad to see not many people agreed with me.

So for the poll I pick: Insomniac- Ratchet, Naughty Dog- Uncharted and Sucker Punch- Sly

For Generation winners I would go with: PSX- Spyro, PS2- Ratchet, PS3- Uncharted.

Overall though across all three generations I think I have been most excited about Insomniac games but am frightened about Overstrike/Fuse which looks frighteningly generic.

Alright I wrote a lot of stuff and I'm sure people will be confused/pick many of the options even though 3 is what I'm looking for but who cares I just wanna have a little hurray for 3 developers who did an awesome job entertaining me on my playstations.

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I went the developer route: Insomniac-Ratchet, Naughty Dog- Uncharted, Sucker Punch- Infamous (I haven't played much Infamous, certainly played more of that than the other choices)

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@mocbucket62: you went the correct route!!!! whew didn't think that was too clear.

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God of franchises. Not really clear.

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Naught Dog - Jak

Sucker Punch - inFamous

Insomniac - R&C

For Naughty Dog I've only played the Crash and Jak games. I'll probably play the Uncharted games once they sell a trilogy on the cheap or something, but the idea of playing a tightly scripted third person shooter/adventure game doesn't seem super interesting to me right now. I really admire what they did with the Jak games though, 2 and 3 were super ambitious and fun even if the execution was clumsy at times.

I'm probably least familiar with Sucker Punch's games, but I adored inFamous. Probably my favourite new series of this gen.

As for Insomniac, I could play R&C games until I'm old and grey honestly. The original Spyro games were great, but I don't really need to play another one of those again and the Resistance games always struck me as kind of mediocre.

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I would have voted Killzone, alongside Uncharted and Infamous

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I'll wait for the three 3rd big 3s three franchises poll.

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Syphen Filter, and Parasite Eve.

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Spyro: Purple Dragon >>> Orange Bandicoot.

Ratchet and Clank: this was hard......Jak and Daxter comes in a close second

Infamous: I prefer Infamous to Uncharted

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That's more than three

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wipeout was my favorite series to own any sony console since XL.

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None of those are Ape Escape

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dogs life

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Crash is not a Sony property... but I picked it anyway because the first three Crash games are really, really good games. Well, two and three are. One is all right.

I also really liked Spyro, Ratchet, Jak and Daxter, and the third Resistance game so I picked those. The third Resistance game is especially one that I feel was way better than people gave it credit for. You mean we have a shooter that lets you hold all the guns, doesn't have regenerating health, and characters that are more than just cardboard cutouts? I didn't like the first two games that much but I really enjoyed the third one.

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PS1-Era: Spyro > Crash

PS2-Era: Jak > Ratchet > Sly

That said, I loved all of those series in their prime. and Sly 4 is real good you guys!


Jak 2 > Ratchet & Clank 3 > Jak & Daxter > Sly 3 > Jak 3 > Ratchet & Clank 2 > Sly 2 > Sly Raccoon > Ratchet & Clank

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Also, Uncharted and inFAMOUS. I only felt like voting for two.

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Where's God of War? It outsold a couple of franchises in your list.

Anyways, God of War is my pick.

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I was only able to pick two: Spyro and Jak & Daxter.

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Jak and Ratchet games. I've never played any of Sucker Punch's games so I don't have any opinion on them.

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This poll is confusing. I voted one per generation, but I guess you wanted one per developer?

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Uncharted, inFamous and Resistance. All three developers have gotten progressively better each generation.

Resistance is really underrated, that third game was like the Evil Dead 2 of video games the way it included up so many different genres.

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I only voted for inFAMOUS because I don't give 2 poops about anything else on that list.

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Wait, can we even count Crash as a Sony thing anymore?

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I think Sony has weak exclusives. Then again, I think Microsoft has even weaker exclusives.

I went with Uncharted. No multiple voting for me.

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God of War ?

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I didn't read before voting

come at me

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Uncharted and inFamous!

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Not really a fan of any of the games released by Sucker Punch or Insomniac to be honest. I love Jak and Daxter as well as Uncharted though.

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Sly Cooper and Uncharted!

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Well that was a super confusing poll, but assuming I did what you wanted I chose Uncharted for Naughty Dog, Sly for Sucker Punch, and Resistance for Insomniac. I would have chosen Ratchet and Clank but I felt like I enjoyed the Future trilogy on PS3 more than the PS2 games so I felt that wasn't really in the spirit of the question.

As for each generation, I would choose Crash over Spyro (Never played Rocket), Sly over Jak or Ratchet, and Uncharted over Infamous or Resistance.

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Where's Killzone?

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I haven't played nearly enough of these games to choose one, but I do like me some Resistance when it isn't completely fucking broken to the point of literal unplayability (cough, Resistance 3, cough).

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This poll just makes me depressed for Insomniac. The response to Resistance was never what it needed to be, and their first multiplatform effort already seems doomed to failure. This generation was not as good to them as previous ones. Hopefully things will turn around for the next one.

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Uncharted and InFamous are easy choices. For Insomniac... well i tried the demo of Resistance 1 and 3. They were alright i guess. I didn't play much of the other franchises on this poll.

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@hunter5024: absolutely I think looking at the three developers over the three franchises Insomniac would be my go to one as far as favourite series overall. However yes like you I am so afraid of fuse and its seemingly inherent mediocrity that I'm just looking for their next project because they are super talented.

As a side note I was not expecting so much adoration for infamous always thought it was sort of overlooked in the larger scheme of things...apparently not.

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Uncharted, Resistance, and Infamous are the only ones I've played and Uncharted is the only one that I feel is in any way particularly exceptional.

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For me it was the Spyro games on the PSOne, Sly Cooper games on the PS2 and Uncharted games on the PS3.