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@jakob187: I don't want to know who he is, he was such an attention whore and looks like one of those guys I'd have to grit my teeth to be around...
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" @Falx: Matt "The Sexual Dinosaur" Rorie "
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Okay, so was that Brad getting his feel on or someone else?  Regardless, that's a "you're getting fucking molested tonight" look if I've ever seen one. 
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This video does not at all capture the reasoning for Rorie singing "Faith of the Heart".  It gives only the snippet.  I know we all flipped the fuck out over on the Screened chat room when he finally crooned us with that sweet, sweet voice of his.  Regardless...IT'S BEEN A LOOOOONG ROAD... 
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" @jakob187: I don't want to know who he is, he was such an attention whore and looks like one of those guys I'd have to grit my teeth to be around... "
The dood lives all the way in Boston and rarely gets a chance to hang out at Whiskey Media.  Alcohol was also involved.  It happens. 
I wish Pope had been on more, though...and that Alex had actually stayed at the party.  =  (
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@jakob187: That is NOT Brad's hand.  Repeat - NOT Brad's hand.
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I love Will in this picture.
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" @KEITH1437 said:
It's that guy. "
GODDAMMIT!  His name is Matt Elfring.  He's a staff writer for Comic Vine.  His username is inferiorego.  Why can't people just REMEMBER that?!  *ugh*  Sorry.  Every chat other than Comic Vine's, the entire night, was nothing but "hey, it's that Cap guy" and "hey, it's that guy" and it's like...*ugh*  Him and Tom both got that treatment, and it's just annoying...especially because they bust all kinds of ass.  Hell, Tom writes for four of the fucking sites!!!  ON TOP OF WRITING HIS OWN COMICS!!!  WITH ALL THAT SAID...dood, the party was great whether you were there or not.  I still can't decide whether the BLLSL or the after party was better.  = D "
Yes because I should know THE CAP GUY's name off hand and recognize him instantly when he works for a site I don't read nor visit. sorry I'm just fucking retarded. 
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I dunno man, Matt Elfring acted like a dick, the entire chat was like "Fuck this guy"...

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@jakob187: lol a sexual dinosaur  a bit more descriptive i like it
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I didn't get to watch it. I was not aware that they were going to stream it. By the end of the BLLSL I was already up for over 30 hours and I was exhausted.

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This party needed drunk Alex. It would've been awesome with him and Matt Rorie.

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@drok17 said:

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This whole thread is delicious.
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Second best thread in this website! <3

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@Klaptos: The first being?
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@RiotBananas Check the hamburguer forum ;)
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I just found this again and had to download Jean Buadin's album.

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How was this thread ever 'official'?

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