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2010 In Games . . . Here's What I'm Excited For:

Before I'm chastised, I'd just like to mention that I haven't played Mass Effect yet, and I'm holding out on ME2 until I play the first. 
Otherwise, here's my list:

1. Fallout: New Vegas

I've recently accepted the fact that Fallout 3 had surpassed both SOCOM: US Navy Seals and Banjo Kazooie as my favorite game of all time. A lot of people are saying, "Yo! Dis ain't no Bethesda game, it be Obsidian, yo!" and mean it as a negative comment. From the interviews I've read, it doesn't sound like they will be changing much of the game play. As @bwooduhs said: " I want Fallout 3 in Vegas with less bugs. "

2. Fable III

It's freaking Fable III. Need I say more?

3. Project Natal

The success of Natal could very well determine the length of the current video game generation. I wonder how Natal will handle achievements . . .

4. Homefront

One thing that I have always wanted but never gotten (until Modern Warfare 2) was a modern or near future war game that took place in the U.S. and not some random Middle Eastern country (Azerbaijan anyone?)

5. Rage

This game will be my first venture into multi-disk gaming. From the article in August's Game Informer, this game sounds pretty sweet. And all the people criticizing it as being Fallout-ish just makes me even more intrigued. (See top of list)

6. Green Day: Rock Band

Go ahead and sigh, but Green Day is one of my favorite bands (pre-American Idiot, mind you). As long as this game features a good number of songs (more than the 45 offered in TB:RB) and features some from the EP days, this game will keep me entertained for a good time.

7. Backbreaker

I'd been anxious for this game for the last 2 years. As the first football game (or any sports game, I believe) to use the Euphoria engine in place of pre-recorded animations, this game should offer an extremely unique experience unlike any other game. Sadly, I fear that this game won't get enough attention or advertising to become a main competitor in the sports game market.

8. Alan Wake

If you haven't heard about or seen footage of this game, you should really check it out. Reactive weather cycles, cinematic gameplay, unique storyline, artistic brilliance.

9. Alpha Protocol

I just want a chance to win some of those dollar bills that Matt Rorie spoke about in the PAX '09 Bombcast. haha

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Nate's Ultimate Hype List Of The Gods

Games I am totally excited for (in no particular order)
Edit: I've removed the games I've gotten

1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company is a pretty cool game. The single player was actually pretty decent, and the multiplayer was a lot of fun. Even though the latter of which had quite a few annoying problems and flaws, it was still a great way to pass the time. Bad Company 2 looks even better.

2. Half-Life 2: Episode Three

Half Life 2 and both Episodes are great. I loved the gameplay and the story (although I do not think that it's the greatest shooter ever made). Episode 2 ended with a mind numbing cliff hangar, hopefully Valve is developing or at least doing something related to a third Episode. Can they even call it Episode 3? It's been years since the last one. Hm.

3. Mass Effect 2

The first Mass Effect was a great game in story telling, RPG elements, and gameplay. I'm currently on my third playthrough, and the game is still a blast. The sequel is looking great so far, and I know that Bioware will fix the problems that existed in the first game and will make this one a whole lot better.

4. BioShock 2

Despite the fact that I traded in Bioshock after a few days of owning it, I think it's a great game. You could easily get lost in the story and the setting, and playing it hardly ever got dull. Playing as a Big Daddy in Bioshock does seem a little overpowering, but I have faith that the developers will make sure the game is still a blast to play. The multiplayer does looks odd and interesting at the same time. I'm curious to see how it will play out.

5. Final Fantasy XIII

Can't really say a whole lot since I've never played a Final Fantasy game, but this game looks great.

6. Assassin's Creed II

This game looks great, and I really enjoyed the first one despite the frustrating guards yelling "Get the infidel!" whenever I innocently walked by

(Minus Assassin's Creed II, obviously)
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StarCraft 2  
that's all

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Games I'm REALLY wanting to play.

Games are ordered from most hyped to least. Either way, I want to play them.

1. Fallout: New Vegas

Me=HUGE Fallout fan. So I'm really looking forward to not only how it will differ from Fallout 3 but how it will continue the canon of the Fallout series.

2. 3D Dot Game Heroes

The art direction is stunning. I'm a huge fan of that look, though I don't know much about it now so...

3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I'm a big fan of DICE and fell in love with Battlefield: Bad Company and 1943. I'm really looking forward to this game.

4. Rage

This game looks fantastic. I have not played a id game mainly because I've never had the chance to, but I'll defiantly give this a look.

5. Postal III

For some reason I find myself really wanting this game. I can't really explain why.

6. Crysis 2

Finally gives me a chance to play a game in this series. I have a crappy computer.

7. Mafia II

*See Postal III*

8. God of War III

I'm a pretty big fan of the series, and this looks insanely good.

9. The Last Guardian

Not really a fan of Team Ico's other work but this game does seem charming and awesome.

10. Medal of Honor

I'm not a fan of war games, unless they are made by DICE and Medal of Honor is.