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Hey all,

I wanted to see if anyone knew what happened to loving Mondays. I sadly know that Ryan loved mondays the most but... No one else loves Mondays? Brad had taken control a few times and posted some Monday videos. Is the love for Mondays now gone? Does anyone miss them?



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I Love Mondays was totally a Ryan feature. I don't think it could survive today. The Crew are probably a lot busier than in the past to basically post a video of them chatting for 20 minutes.

There's also the fact that there's only three full-time dudes in the office not counting Drew or Rorie. It just wouldn't be as fun to listen to.

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Word on the street is, they really like Mondays, but only as a friend. It's just.... they're seeing Fridays right now, and it's getting pretty serious. But they can totally hook Mondays up with a coworker.

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I think Scoops and The Wolf (AHHHOOOO!) have plenty of Monday love to offer.

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I remember Jeff answered a question about this on Tumblr and said they don't plan things out far enough ahead to do ILM anymore.

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Where's the GIF of an ice cream scoop?

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I hate mondays.

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Best I can come up with for the time being. I opted not to post the obvious misandry/ice cream related GIF that first crossed my mind, and my search for a Yipes "Scoops Haagen Dazs" GIF has come up empty.

I don't think she knows the difference between mice and cats...

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You know what guys? Honestly....

Mondays kinda suck!

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I have a joke for that GIF, but since it would rely on her being Japanese, I'm gonna hold back on it on the off-chance that I come off as racist.

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Thanks all. It's sad to see we won't get ILM's anymore or that they don't plan things out as far anymore. Sure they were like 10-20 minutes of them just talking but I don't know. I liked them a lot. Gave us a lot of insight into the daily life of giantbomb and honestly we don't see their desks anymore. I got a lot out of seeing their work environment.

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Sunday agrees for sure

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Have the staff said anything about this or has anyone heard what's up since... 28 days ago? I don't mean to exaggerate the importance of I Love Mondays, but I totally feel like the weekly update is huuuugely beneficial to the site, both for it necessitating some kind of (fairly) solid schedule, and for it guaranteeing at least one piece of stupid content at the start of each week.

I don't mean to be inconsiderate, and don't want to rush the guys if they were planning on starting ILM back up in the future, but I think ILM really ties the site together in one way or another. Also, it's a non-premium feature, and I think the site needs more of those (look at the "upcoming" section on the front page right now).

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@development: Allow me to direct you to Bombin' the A.M. with Scoops and the Wolf (Aooooowwww! - Though it really should be "The Wolf", but I'll go with the official version) for your early Monday content fix.

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@oldguy: I already watch those and they're great... excepting maybe yesterday's crazy Google Hangout travesty, but there's still a majority of the staff that isn't getting much screen time. And, once again, it's fair for things to be a little awry for awhile, so I'm just wondering if anyone's heard anything from the staff about plans for ILM.

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but I think ILM really ties the site together

I miss it too.