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No wonder getting new stuff is always a clusterfuck.
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That graph literally made my brain sick.

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EVERY time you pick Dual P90s someone's gotta do all that

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Also that's not nearly all that's wrong with the Army

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That pales in comparison to some of the matrixes I have to deal with as an engineer for what should be simplistic tasks. Look up the Citrix logon process, only covers the base processes and is twice as complex.
But yea, it's still pretty bad.

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I think I'm missing the connection between this and gaming.

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I hate to break this to everyone but that is one of the clearest illustrations of DoD purchasing I've ever seen.
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@Branthog said:
" I think I'm missing the connection between this and gaming. "
Coming soon from Activision: Call of Duty: Powerpoint Warrior.
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"I think I'm missing the connection between this and gaming. "

It explains why Duke Nukem Forever can only carry 2 guns at a time. The others are on order and will be delievered by the contractor in FY 2014.
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That's a little too much for me to comprehend.

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That's basically a web of bureaucracy that is in the Army. There's a lot of steps to introducing new equipment and gear.

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wat no guns?

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So much information, my brain hurts.