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#51 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I live in the Dayton Metropolitan Area.

#52 Posted by brownsfantb (426 posts) -

The 27th works best for me as well. I think B Side would be best but the Melt is cool too.

#54 Posted by Aviar (497 posts) -

Hey guys, I live out in Lorain and that Bside looks pretty cool. I'll have to make sure I'm not working on the 27th. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see when everyone is going.

#55 Posted by AlanFromOhio (14 posts) -

If it's the 27th I'll be there....Is there a set location? Time?

#56 Posted by joebillmatt (29 posts) -

I think most people have confirmed for the 27th at B Side (http://www.bsideliquorlounge.com). No time yet. Might have a pregame session at Melt in Cleveland Heights.

#57 Edited by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

Everyone reading this thread! Please read the Original Post. I updated it with the dates and places to meet up!

#58 Posted by matthias2437 (992 posts) -

@lord_xp: Which Melt? The one in Independence? (rockside road)

#59 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

@matthias2437: Good question I forgot there were multiple Melt's. Since there is a meet already in in Cleveland, maybe Independence would be better since it's a bit more south for people.

What do the other Ohio Duders think?

#60 Posted by ZombieKitty (122 posts) -

Right next to you in Lorain city!

#61 Edited by waxenapple (11 posts) -

27th at B Side sounds good to me. Also behind Melt for before or whatever. Excited!

#62 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

Right next to you in Lorain city!

Oh shit! Another Lorain duder up in this bitch? I felt like I was the only one on this site from Lorain County

#63 Edited by MikeHawk (425 posts) -

@lord_xp: Yeah, the Independence Melt would save me some time. As long as it isn't too inconvenient for the people farther up north.

#64 Edited by joebillmatt (29 posts) -

I was thinking Melt in Cleveland Heights that's really close to B Side, but if we split it up so people south & north have places to go that'd be sweet. Independence Melt is 20 minutes from my place.

All that it comes down to is times. Melt gets packed quick, even on Saturdays. B Side has DJs starting at 10PM on Saturdays.

#65 Posted by MikeHawk (425 posts) -

@joebillmatt: I forgot about the Cleveland Heights one being close to B-Side. Disregard my last post. It's only 20 extra minutes for me to go to the Cleveland Heights one.

#66 Edited by ch298807 (17 posts) -

If we get a Columbus area meetup going definitely count me in

#67 Edited by joebillmatt (29 posts) -

@mikehawk: I think the main poster was thinking melt on the 20th and b side the 27th, to split up the events incase people can't go on one of the days (per the first post in the thread). That's how I read into it.

#68 Posted by FauxBen (29 posts) -

With respect to crowdedness at Melt on Saturdays and in general, I find that you can get in without much of a wait and get served pretty quick if you just sit at the bar, even when the restaurant is pretty crowded. When I go there (which is more often than I'd like to admit) I generally just eat at the bar as a rule, and it always works out pretty well.

As for splitting them up across two dates, if you want to go for maximum geographic diversity I'd probably say the Lakewood Melt is the one that would let you get more within the people from the West side's ballpark. Independence isn't too far away from where it's looking like we're already going to be at the B-side, and Mentor is kind of way out to the east.

The B-side doesn't serve much in the way of food by the look of things, so it's not a bad idea to do some kind of pre-meet at Melt to eat something if we wanted. Or we could just go drink without eating anything, WHAT COULD GO WRONG

#69 Posted by joebillmatt (29 posts) -

@fauxben: that's exactly what I was thinking, early dinner (3 or 4) at melt then heading over to B Side for the rest of the night

#70 Posted by Vipersona (71 posts) -

@ch298807: I would love a Columbus meetup! Anyone else?

#71 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

So everyone got the message on this? July 27th B Side and July 20th at Melt in Independence. I personally won't be at the Melt one, but let me know what times you guys want to be there so I can put it in the Original Post. For the July 27th, I'm thinking between 8-9pm to be up there around?

I don't know how we will identify ourselves in public. I'll probably wear my shirt that says "8 Bit Hustler" or my Mortal Combat shirt

#72 Posted by FauxBen (29 posts) -

If it arrives on time, I'll be wearing the FUCK, RYAN DAVIS shirt, which I think will probably make me pretty identifiable. I'll be at the one on the 27th, in all likelihood.

#73 Edited by joebillmatt (29 posts) -

I'm totally open on the 20th, so whatever time at Melt works for me. Might want to be 'early' so we can get a decent table or a good area at the bar.

8-9pm works for B Side, we should totally request some summer jams from the DJ!

I'll post what I'm wearing that day.

#74 Posted by kurtkless (97 posts) -

moved out of Bay Village last year, lived there and in Little Italy for years, Sad we didn't try to get a GB meetup going earlier :(

#75 Posted by prettyunsmart (27 posts) -

@angrywombat: That looks awesome. Any word on when it opens up? I'll take a look either way on my next trip to Dirty Frank's.

#76 Posted by AngryWombat (4 posts) -

@prettyunsmart: they were originally supposed to open last weekend? Last I heard is they ran into some kind of problem and had to post-pone the opening and I haven't heard them announce another date.

#77 Posted by aidros (277 posts) -

@vipersona@ch298807 I would be cool with a Columbus meetup. It's a bit closer for me in Cincinnati.

Anybody else in Southern/Eastern/West-Central Ohio interested in a potential Columbus meetup?

#78 Posted by Turhaya (84 posts) -

Dat Cleveland. Looks like I'm in the wrong city.

I literally just moved to Columbus. Like, today practically. Where mah duders at? Would love a meet up and maybe some instant friends.

#79 Edited by AlchemistZer0 (66 posts) -

Cincinnati native myself Nati Unite!!

#80 Posted by Diesel_Dan (20 posts) -

I'll do my best to make it out to both meetups. Unfortunately I have plans for the evening of the 20th, but I can stop by Melt for an hour or so. The 27th is looking wide open (where I promise to get drunker, louder, and no better at vidja games).

Looking forward to meeting everyone. This should be good.

#81 Posted by MikeHawk (425 posts) -

So did we confirm a time that this is all going down today?

#82 Posted by waxenapple (11 posts) -

@mikehawk: Dunno...would it be the Rockside Rd. one? Are people planning on going or is the Melt plan falling apart before us. Can I say 6 or 7 so at least a time is out there. Not sure if that counts as 'early' as far what @joebillmatt said.

#83 Edited by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

@waxenapple: No one posted times for it. From what I gathered though, it seemed they were aiming for early in the evening.

#84 Posted by joebillmatt (29 posts) -

I won't be able to make it to a pre-game on the 27th, but I'm still planning on making it out at night to B Side.

#85 Posted by Vipersona (71 posts) -

@lord_xp: So how did the Cleveland meetup go?

#86 Posted by spykereightsix (87 posts) -

I was born in Dayton, but moved to CA when I was five. In an alternate universe, I'd totally be meeting up with you.