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Poll: Ok, let's do this once and for all, Mass Effect vs Mass Effect 2. (132 votes)

Mass Effect 36%
Mass Effect 2 51%
Mass Effect 3, because sure why not? 5%
See results 8%

One thing that I noticed during all of this GotG stuff was that many people lamented the fact that ME2 won because they felt that ME1 was a better game. Let's see how the community thinks of this as a whole.

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Uh, we already did this poll. That's why ME2 was in the GotG brackets and not ME1.

Edit: here it is

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this was covered in the preliminaries for the GotG brackets, and ME2 won by about 65 / 35 i think

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Yup, ME2 already destroyed ME in such a poll.

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I voted for Mass Effect 3 because anarchy, motherfuckers.

Also, I really dug 3. Sue me.

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This was already done. At the beginning of the whole thing. They did this poll to see which game the community like more and ME2 won. I can't find the link to the poll though.

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ME2, but yeah. Poll

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At least doing this poll again is a chance to actually get the right answer this time.

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I think Mass Effect 2 is all around a better game then Mass Effect. A lot of what they stripped away and improved was just what they needed to do, but there were also some things that they removed that I personally enjoyed quite a lot in the original Mass Effect. I loved exploring the planets with the MAKO, even though the structures on most of the planets was the same, I simply enjoyed it. The could have kept some what of a loot aspect, but it was absolutely horrible in Mass Effect, so I think it was a good decision to remove it, rather then keep it as it was. The loadouts worked well in Mass Effect 2 worked very well with the game they made.
Overall I think it's no doubt that Mass Effect 2 was a better game then the original. I've spent probably close to 200 hours in those to games combined and they are both a blast, and I love this series soooo much. But no, Mass Effect 2 is the superior game. IMO of course.

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People call out ME2's story for just being a big recruit mission. But within that we get many great smaller, character focused stories. That's when Mass Effect is at its best. Also ME1 was no fun to play.

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I like Mass Effect 1 more, and so I voted for it in this poll. Mass Effect 2 was more important, so I voted for that in the GotG preliminary poll.

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Uh, we already did this poll. That's why ME2 was in the GotG brackets and not ME1.

Edit: here it is

oops sorry, I searched but didn't find anything ><

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My one biggest complaint about ME1 was the constant micromanaging of gear and weapon mods. I prefer the gameplay on ME2 for that reason, but I prefer the story in ME1.

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I will vote how I voted in the original thread, for Mass Effect over the sequel. However, this choice is like picking between cookie dough ice cream and cookies and cream ice cream. They're both phenomenal and one day I'm all up for cookie dough and the next I realize that cookies and cream is pretty fantastic (for different reasons) and I'm all about that all of a sudden.

The biggest things in Mass Effect's favor are the world building, the overall plot, the characters and the RPG elements. Mass Effect 2 continues the world building, has a smaller, more character focused plot, and ditches a lot of the RPG elements while improving by leaps and bounds the combat and general gameplay. So, like I said, it's like picking between two awesome but different flavors of ice cream. Either way, you end up winning.

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Mass Effect = Mass Effect 2 > Mass Effect 3

Fail thread.

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Well as that thread got locked to count the votes I guess this is okay if he wants further discussion on it? I'll post what I posted in there anyway -

ME2 is just a better game to play overall, yeah they streamlined it but IMO losing some of the more 'hardcore' RPGish elements to make it a better playing game was worth it. Looking back on the story though, I'm still not sure how I feel about the collect them all Pokemon aspect of the game, the main meat being loyalty missions, building up your team only for it to all be over in the next few scenes hit me a bit flat. Don't get me wrong though, I loved the characters and the back stories of them.

Also Jeff thinks you're a monster if you choose ME1 over 2 -

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Only monsters would vote for Mass Effect 1 over Mass Effect 2!

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The original Mass Effect is has some serious technical issues. I don't think I can recommend it to someone without a lot of caveats.

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As others has said, we've already had a poll for this.