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Or a communist robot. Whatever works for you. 

 December 1st!


If anybody needs a santa hat on their avatar: 

please post it here and I will bust out my copy of photoshop.
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Thus starts the two week countdown till my birthday!...oh yeah and then Jesus' 10 days after that ect. ect.

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<----------- Holiday avatar equipped!!!

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You must be from the future, Sweep. Damn Europeans and their future. 
Oh, and too bad. I've had mine for a while, as have all of the other cool people.

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A week and a half ahead of you!

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@Sweep: Hat me, you glorious piece of beef!

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You can take one of the following pictures, crop it as you see fit, and give it a Santa hat. Then I will use it. 


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I'd graciously accept a santa hat put on my avatar. 
Actually, hold on a sec as I switch back to my Bionic Commando one, it's way better. 
Edit: Right, I should post it too.

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Must have Santa hat.....
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@JJWeatherman said:

" You must be from the future, Sweep. Damn Europeans and their future. 
Oh, and too bad. I've had mine for a while, as have all of the other cool people. "

Dude we are so underground.
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I have a hat on my new avatar

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I made my avatar a shoop da woop instead because his hair makes it hard to put a christmas hat on.

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He looks so good in red.

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NEVER! York will remain forever Santa-hat-less! (At least in my avatar). I'd be willing to bet that someone will reply to this with a Santa hat wearing York avatar. Or not. I dunno if anyone else still has York avatars beside two or three crazy people like me. 

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 Santa hat? Thanks. =D
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Technically I've been allowed to Christmas up my avatar since December 1st started... FOURTEEN HOURS AGO! 
Any messages you want to send to the future? 
Oh, and if anyone can find out a way to fit a Santa hat on my avatar, I'd love to hear it! 

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Done. Yeah, I used Paint. What of it?

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3 more hours for US EST. Hold the line... holllld the liinnnne.

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Glad to see you obey the December 1st rule.

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Santa hat all the way!

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Can you photoshop a santa hat and a communist robot into mine? 

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Can someone put a santa hat on muppet Angel for me?
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Good luck with mine.  



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Not sure if I want to just go with last year's Christmas Brad avatar or get my current one fancied up. Hm...
Out with the old, in with the new, I guess. But now the question is, does the santa hat go on the GL logo, or on the ghostly face of my namesake? Or both? I'll leave it up to whoever is kind enough to do the work for me, I suppose. Thanks in advance! 

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thank you in advance.
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I would appreciate a santa hat, thanks!




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I am laughing at you all, because my avatar has a way better hat than you jabronies.  
Also, I might put a Santa hat on York...After Christmas. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

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Too lazy to add a hat to my old one so I'm just going to use this one for the holidays and revert back in the New Year.  There's a penguin in it.

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Wait... I did that.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

Good luck with mine.  



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If you have the time I would like a Santa hat as well. If it's too hard don't worry about it. 

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Hats on both, plox.
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marvel at my shoddy santa hat clumsily added to my picture when I could easily just take another picture with a real santa hat
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Could you put a Santa hat on her please Sweep?
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you're a wee little puppet man
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What do you guys think? Red hat, or black and white hat? 

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@Origina1Penguin: Definitely red.
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what they hey i thought instead of just reusing old picture from last year, why not a whole new picture altogether! ^-^ As you can see... my santa-hat-shooping skills have improved...

Old... "wohheehaw"
 NEW!! "~chyaaa"
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If you can put a Santa Hat on this picture, I will make it my profile the meantime, I'll try to make it happen myself, but I don't have photoshop so...

 Thar Be Me!
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If you put on your hat before December 1st, YOU ARE WRONG!

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Already did mine, but it looks janky as hell. If anyone is kind enough to make a better one here's the original: 

It's Santa Rorschach kids! And trust me, he will punish you if you've been naughty.
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Alright then 

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@Sweep: Did it myself!
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I would, but there's enough crap on(in?) avatar as it is >.>

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"I thought you where dead"
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I'd like one on Rod Serling.

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@StarvingGamer: @Vinchenzo: @RockmanBionics: @OroJackson: @ComradeKritstov: @Tebbit:  First batch!