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You think gamers are bad, you should see how anime/manga otakus are!  Seriously though, I doubt this is generally the case.  I think you just have bad luck.

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I'm not following.

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i like cereal

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I have never ever seen a high or even a drunk gamer.... well... mabey when Rock Band or Singstar was around but I don't know if that would count. 
Quite the opposite here. I am a part of a group that arrange game meet ups in Sweden and if 50 people show up one or two people smoke! That's quite insane because you don't have to go further than school to realize the split is more like 60/40 or 70/30 at best. But I don't complain. It feels great that people just can enjoy gaming as it is - fun. And when you game with others it get's so much better. 
I'm really stunned how you have this view if gamers. Mabey it's more the people rather than that they happens to plays games?

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@RedEyesBlueBunny said:
" i like cereal "
I'm not too fond of Corn Flakes or an equivalent, though (no taste, yuck).
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The more hardocre you go into a hobby and it's social circle, the more awkward it generally gets.  Of course, hobbies such as gaming have a special spot in that space, so I see where your coming from.

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Playing is getting to be a expensive comodity, especially where i live, so that detracts many people from it.

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well, half of them are high, means there's another half you seem to be forgetting about...

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i only know one other person than me who plays games as avidly as me, i always thought it kinda sucked. perhaps not!

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@Kenobi said:

" It is possible I have bad luck.  This experience does not injure my view of the gaming world.  I was simply letting out a thought, as I really have poor experience trying to find people to play games with. "

Because they smoke weed?  I guess that's what you were saying?
I don't feel the same way specifically but I know I out nerd every friend I have by a lot.  The only games I really get to play with friends are sports games, their interest in games doesn't usually go much further than that.  So I understand where you are coming from there.  I'd love to know more people who are into the games I am, but that's what the online communities like Giant Bomb are for.  Make some friends on here.
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@Kenobi said:

" I'm not against weed.  I just think getting high, and it being fairly obvious, before a small party has even started is the equivalent of having 4 or 5 beers before everyone else.  Such behavior as a social misstep. "

Is it?  This is how most people do it around my parts (either pre-game before a party or maybe smoke).  I can understand what you mean if its a small party though.
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I must admit that the last times me and my friends were having game nights, it was an excuse to drink a lot. 
Just have fun and play games. 
I recognized the problem and that's why i quit drinking this very 2K10. 
I want to enjoy these events in a sober manner, and when i loose my interest in games i probably have to seek me out something more satisfactory in life.
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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @RedEyesBlueBunny said:
" i like cereal "
I'm not too fond of Corn Flakes or an equivalent, though (no taste, yuck). "
eww corn flakes are gross..it's all about cookie crisp and count chocula..those are the best
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I just got back into gaming about a year and a half ago after roughly 8-9 years of very limited game playing.. I hang out with a pretty blue collar group of guys, we all work in construction of some sort, and I don't have any friends that I play games with, except occasionally some racing games, but I can only play driving/ racing games for a very limited amount of time.. I'ts kinda lame because since I got back into games,  if I'm not working, I am at home playing or listening to podcasts, or checking out reviews or something to do with games..   
I really enjoy just about everything that has to do with gaming and am trying to catch up on all that I've missed and the current products, which has made me somewhat of a recluse for the past 16 or so months, so in a way I get what you mean because I'd really like to have some friends who are as into games as much as I am just to have some other people to converse with.. I've always been a pretty social guy so it's a little weird for me to not be with or around other peeps most of the time, but honestly for the time being games are much more of a draw than going to social gatherings (bars) at the moment.. 
anyway I can totally relate to wanting to have others to hang with and play games, but like others have said at least there are forums like this where semi like minded folks can gather and talk...
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@Kenobi said:
" I'm not against weed.  I just think getting high, and it being fairly obvious, before a small party has even started is the equivalent of having 4 or 5 beers before everyone else.  Such behavior is a social misstep. "
Lol I just don't think you've been to many parties, at least not big city ones. Every where that I go, you get the group that gets high and you know if you want a joint they're always there to help out. Maybe it's cause I'm in the UK and lived around Europe...Bit more liberal and chilled.
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@Kenobi said:
"Why must a gaming social circle be occupied by such truly odd members.  Perhaps I am being naive in believing that this just occurs in gaming circles, but I find it increasing hard to find people who at least know how to mask their problems, or at least figure out how to keep things from becoming awkward."

People are different than you. Some have problems. Yay.
Don't worry, I won't make it awkward between us...I'll never tell you which cut on your body I filled with my semen while you were sleeping.
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It's a big world out there!! Perhaps, it may be a little too small on second thought........

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A lot of my friends play avidly and yes alot of people whoa re high and drunk play games. Play any mmo and you will find them. But dude the depper you go with any hobby the creepier it gets. I used to be into warhammer and then when i started gonig to evets and shit it got really creepy but still im tottaly into DND and its not that creepy for me. And frosted flakes are the best.

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@Kenobi said:
" When I get there half of them are high, not belligerent, but high. "
A lot of people who don't game also get high.  Just as a lot of gamers don't get high.  You do know that this so described problem actually lies with you because you're uncomfortable with certain things (such as getting high) so you define them as strange, weird or unusual?   There's nothing predominantly creepy about games, gamers, or the subcultures it has evolved, but there is a lot of sweaty intensity because, like it or not, it's a competitive environment and that leads a lot of people feeling uncomfortable.  I think this is what's really going on with you.
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Every single young male (and a lot of the females) I know is a gamer and none of them get high on a regular basis. Well some of them used to but they got over being potheads.
And I live in Holland (yeah that stuff is 100% legal here).

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@FluxWaveZ said:

" You think gamers are bad, you should see how anime/manga otakus are!  Seriously though, I doubt this is generally the case.  I think you just have bad luck. "

Aren't they pretty much one in the same? There are plenty of weirdos with weird hobbies, but gaming seems to appeal mostly to the emotionally stunted. There are plenty of people who game casually, but I find often the types of people who would identify themselves as "gamers" (i.e. I belong to this social circle, this in part defines me as a person) are social outcasts and emotional children. I suppose that could be true for any one who allows a non creative (I mean a hobby in which you don't actually create something yourself) to take up the majority of your time.. Hell go to an environmentalist rally or a drum circle. Plenty of crazies. But the real fact is that every one has some form of escapism, but most people don't spend 5 or more hours a day every day indulging in total fantasy.
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@Kenobi said:

 Just recently I agreed to go a small party

There!  Found your problem.  You go to a party with adults and seriously not expect any drug use of any kind?
Real nerds don't go to parties!  (like me, well... much)
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People are just people.  They seem strange to you because that is how we as humans are taught to define things we don't immediately feel comfortable about.  Some value system has been part your upbringing that has defined smoking pot as bad but drinking as ok.  Now that value system may fall in line with the law or it may have even been just you taking the law as a value system internally.  But once you integrated that as a means of self control or defence against the unknown, which is how morality gets defined in the lifecycle of a civilisation, you become immediately uncomfortable with people who engage in or seem accepting of those who engage in activities that fall outside your moral code.  None of that makes you weak in spirit or wrong to feel the way that you, you are as much a person as anyone else is and you have just as much right to follow your moral compass as anyone does.  By the same token, people will do things that please them and no matter how you feel, it won't really affect their choices.
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I have one friend who i physically still sit and play with when he is down in my area. So we usually hook up a second TV and he brings a console and we sit and game from morning late at night, sometimes 2-4 days in a row. 
The rest i play with online, but there is nothing like being in the same room drinking beer and playing some games, just feels great.

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 "Pull up a chair and set out your dice..."
When I was in my late twenties, I was a part of the problem (I'll leave it at that), but I grew up.  Now, I'm so straight laced, I'm positively boring.  You probably just need to meet other people who also game.  It's not easy, I know.  But, sometimes striking up a conversation at a game store might work.  Ha-ha, things were much easier when I was in my late teens, early twenties.  I wasn't playing many video games back then since I was a hardcore pen & paper RPGer.  Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, Twilight 2000, Traveller, etc...that was my obsession.  That type of gaming is much more social and cooperative.  Less aggressive than competitive video gaming.  Anyway, the local bookstore had a spot where table-top gamers would post notes for each other.  "LFG" and "Need Player for ADD 2nd, Sat Nites" and so forth.  I met a lot of cool people that way.  Some drank socially and I was in a weekend play group where the home owner smoked a bit of weed, but it wasn't anything oppressive.   Maybe we were more trusting back then, or maybe that type of gamer has moved to MMOs.  I don't know.  But, I do believe that people who play table-top RPGs also play video games.  So, maybe you might want to look at that as a supplemental hobby.  Meet folks playing ADD, then play video games with them during the rest of week.
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I find it's best to leave gaming behind closed doors.

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mmm, Lucky Charms.

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You know what happened at my apartment last night?  A bunch of my roommates' friends came over and we played Disney Channel Scene It.  This is what true losers do on a Saturday night, and I suggest you find a crowd that's into it.

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@Kombat: Stuff like that just sounds so awesome.  If that's what being a loser is, it's awesome.
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Most of my friends are stoned all the time so I don't really see the problem. 

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This thread made me realise that I haven't played games socially in over 2 years. Fuck I miss those days when me and my friends would get together and play huge multiplayer matches of halo.

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@Kenobi said:
" I'm not against weed.  I just think getting high, and it being fairly obvious, before a small party has even started is the equivalent of having 4 or 5 beers before everyone else.  Such behavior is a social misstep. "
Why? It makes the party more fun.
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Since this thread seems to be about gaming socially, I'll throw this in: I hate co-op.  So much.  I have no problem with the concept but, when I see developers talking about how they're focusing so much on that aspect of a game (time that could be put elsewhere in development) and seeing whole games based around co-op (Borderlands), I get frustrated.  I hate it basically because I have no friends.  Single player can be played yourself, online multiplayer doesn't require gaming buddies, but co-op is the only part of a game that I can't access.

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Fuck video games, I just want friends... with a back room.

#40 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

I have friends who play games, but none of them ever want to play Co-op, tis quite annoying.

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I am not against weed but I dont do it. of course if you check a group of stoners who need to stay indoors to avoid trouble, they aren't gonna watch Oprah together... LOL so they might be gamers but that is mostly due to the fact that more and more people play games in some form or another. 
Just add all the gamblers to the gamers (since it is another form of gaming albeit now video games) and you might have 50% of all people ! 
Gamer stigma is overdone.  
all muslims are terrorists? no! 
all church goers are fanatics ? no! 
all blacks are gang members ? no! 
all bearded white tough guy with tattoos are bikers ? no!  
anytime you get a small homogenous (similar) and recognizable group they stand out from the "normal" "boring" "have a 9 to 5 job" person. 
I love to play games and that is my premier type of entertainement at home. To me, TV and movies can be good, but 90% of the time they are mediocre to okay. I like to stick to (what I think is) the good stuff. That means that a good game can entertain me for 40 hours instead of a good movie that you get tired of after seeing it twice. 
And when I happen to find another person that fits in my definition of a normal human in an online game (the best test is probably when a girl is present LOL), I tend to either add them as a friend or at least send positive feedback through Xbox live. 
When you stick to that, you'll see that the 100 friends list limit is pretty okay ...
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there are always people that are going to be playing high. it is the new thing to do when playing video games. from watching videos of people at convection there are really weird people.

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Your still alive? I thought Vader....you....but....

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I'm really starting to relate to this, man. About 10 days ago, I decided I would give them up entirely. Though since then I've kind of changed my mind and just hope to cut back. I don't know. I hope to be a game designer some day, but I think before long, the day will come when I need to pretty much give them up entirely. I have big plans for myself, and spending so much of my free-time playing video games isn't going to help me get any closer to those goals.

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why are people so against smoking pot?

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@Akeldama said:
" why are people so against smoking pot? "
The Media and there is a whole boatload of history behind that mostly surrounding the versatility  of hemp which potentially hurt the big boys,so they launched a preemptive attack  mostly to gain profit.
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@Kenobi: What's so depressing about your gamer friends enjoying a bit of marijuana? Judgmental much?
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Gamers are a strange breed. 
"We are always living in the future, don't forget that"

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@Kenobi said:
" Wow, I don't know how many times I said I didn't care about the pot, it was the fact that it created some strange social situation that really were anti-social.  The situations caused by the people actions and judgment that were troublesome, not the pot. "
Fair enough. Then again, gamers tend to be an antisocial bunch. After all, we have chosen a very solitary hobby for ourselves.