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So, when I play certain games like Need for Speed or 2K, I prefer to listen to the Bombcast or the 8-4 Play podcast. I enjoy the random discussions they have so I was wondering if the old Bombcasts are worth it to go back and listen to. I only been listening to them for about 3 years or less, so I missed a lot.

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Why wouldn't they be? I mean, the conversations are going to be super outdated, but it's still the bombcast.

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If you listen to a lot of old podcasts sequentially it puts you in a weird state of mind

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I've been going back and listening to the old ones for the past few months now, and they've been a lot of fun to listen to. So I'd highly recommend it!

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@benny: Not recently, but I've invested a lot of time into listening to outdated Bombcasts, and that episode is one that I always think back to.

The old podcasts are amazing, listen to them.

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@giantlizardking: That's pretty awesome, thanks for the links.

Thanks guys, guess I'm dive into the hours of podcasting, should be great.

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Right around the time I discovered Giant Bomb was in 2011. I began listening to the bombast and eventually decided to go back and listen to the older episodes. So, let me tell you from experience that they are definitely still worth going back and listening to if you're interested.

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Agreed with those who say it's worth it. When I was working in an indian kitchen last year doing prep work and dishwashing while everyone spoke a different language I discovered the Bombcast and it really saved me. I went through 2008, 2009, 2010 and half of 2011 at that job in just a year.

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I pretty much listen to old bombcasts all day . They're all golden. Get the iphone podcast app super easy to get the ones you want.

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Doesn't really sound like something I'd want to do after Ryan's passing.

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@itspizza said:

If you listen to a lot of old podcasts sequentially it puts you in a weird state of mind

As someone who is going through and listening to all the old podcasts for the first time, before getting the recent ones, it's super weird. In a few months time when I finally reach the 2013 podcasts and there's no more Ryan to listen to, I'm going to be depressed all over again.

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I think now would be a great time to go through the library of oldcasts again because it's the end of the generation. The Bombcast started a bit after the start of last gen so it would be like a waaacky trip through time.

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I forget what game I was grinding in, Demon's Souls or Nier or something, but I went back and listened to all the bombcasts starting from when it was Arrow Pointing Down. It's worth it, some really funny discussions, and a lot of them have nothing to do with video games so it doesn't feel too dated.

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Just start at the beginning!