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It's been ages since i played GTA Vice City, so i installed it recently, hoping to enjoy it like i did years ago 
and holy shit it sucks !! the shooting is so retarded and unsatisfying ! driving the car without being able to move the camera and look around bends, the way tommy runs, just everything ! 
I can barely stand San Andreas now that ive gotten used to IV and Red Dead Redemption, so pretty much GTA2 to San Andreas are all games i loved wholeheartedly, but cant stand playing anymore. 
Other games that fall in this category would be  

do you have any old games you love yet cant play anymore?
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Pretty much any old 1st person shooters really. Trying to play anything without dual anologue control just feels horrible now.
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Myst and Goldeneye^^

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I can't go through any old RPG's anymore.  Especially JRPG's.  I'm sorry FF6 and FF7, you will have to stay in my memories.
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Ultima Underworld.  
I can start a new playthrough, but then it just makes me want to play other, newer games. It makes me kinda sad. :(  
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I don't think there are any games that I used to love and can't still go back to and enjoy. 

The only one that really comes to mind is Oblivion, which isn't all that old.  But after fully completing it + all the DLC and realizing how many flaws and shortcommings it has, especially compared to its predecessor..  I just really can't stand to play it again.

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SSX3 Is one of the best games I have ever played but I can only go 10 minutes now before putting it back in the case.

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The NES megaman games I can't play for more than ten minutes.

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I love oblivion but I cannot play any more of it, after 350 hours it starts to lose its magic lol

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Is it bad that my answer would probably be Bioshock? I played it once and loved it, but I don't feel any need to play it again.

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I know that its not strictly an 'old' game but I don't think I will ever go back to Heavy Rain. It's nothing personal, I just got everything I wanted to out of it already.
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@Brendan said:
" I can't go through any old RPG's anymore.  Especially JRPG's.  I'm sorry FF6 and FF7, you will have to stay in my memories. "
The same, I just recently tried to play FF7 again, it looks alright and even though the controls are still cool and all I got bored after 30 minutes and had to stop playing. But maybe it's just not my kind of game anymore.  
I feel similar when it comes to Monkey Island.. the 2 games back in 90/91 were hilarious, but I somehow imagined everything to look a little different from what the creators had in mind (realised that with the visuals of 3rd part). So I skipped the following titles and found myself playing the "remastered" versions of the originals and I have to say that I don't like both games in that form at all. I'm not sure if it counts as not being able to "endure an old game", because I most likely would still enjoy playing them in the original versions. However, if you don't like the new Monkey Island stuff, you could try the old "pixely versions" of 1&2.. I'm not saying the new episodes are bad, I just don't feel them.
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I guess mine would be Demon's Souls so far. I kinda don't see the point of going through another playthrough after soul level 203 anymore and not to mention not many people appear to come for coop or invade at this point.

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Dead Rising 2.


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Command and conquer 1 
Red Alert 1 
Zak McKracken and the alien Mindbenders 
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Some SNES Rpg's like Secret of Mana are really hard to play now.  Me and my brother played that game to death when we were young and when I tracked down a copy two years ago I was pretty ecstatic.  Unfortunately, about 10-15 minutes into I stopped playing it....just wasn't the same.

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James Pond: Underwater Agent

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After years of being competitive it was time to move on to bigger, better, things (School :(   )

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Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat and Madden
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Final Fantasy VII. I think after the fluidity of XIII and even the in-battle swaps in X, the combat in VII is just too damn static for me. 
Who am I kidding, I'll probably be replaying that game once every 3 years for the rest of my god-damned life...

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Starcraft. Love that game to pieces, but I have just played through it too many times. I still enjoy Brood War, though. Another would be Baldur's Gate 2. I went from start to finish doing every side quest and recruiting every character possible. 6 times.

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Donkey Kong 64 seemed really awesome at the time. My friends and I recently tested our collective endurance by trying to 100% the game and we eventually did so (in about 2 months real time and 50 hours game time). 
And I never want to play it again.
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Morrowind - because I got so wrapped up in mods, I never got through the main quest and lost sight of the game itself. 
Diablo/Diablo 2 - Because the hubby would drag them out every couple years (like he's just done recently) and make me play with him.  I liked them the first couple times through, but damn. 
Any of the Final Fantasy games - They're ok sure, but overhyped and just not worth playing through again 
Also, I have to agree with @BeachThunder: regarding Bioshock.  My console had fried just before I beat it, and I never really wanted to plug it back in and start all over.  Felt like I did everything, no need to do it again. 
Any shooters on the old N64.  That doesn't include remakes though - like I can totally handle the Perfect Dark on Marketplace.  Just not on N64 anymore.
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Portal - It still remains as one of my all-time favorites, but I played it to death when it first came out and have all the levels memorized down to a science. It sorta loses it's luster when I know exactly what to do.  
Pokemon Red/Blue - I sunk lifetimes into this game as a kid, but I don't think I can go back to it. Besides, newer ones have come out since then with purdier graphics and such, so the graphical downshift would be another hurdle too.
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Um, as for really old games. I can't think of any since I still find some amusement out of a lot of them, but for some odd reason. Last year I played RE4 and couldn't stand it that much.
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Jade Empire.  I love that game to death, but when I try to go back and play it now... I just can't.

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Half life. I mean what the fuck is this shit?

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@Famov: Anytime a game forces you to play as all there characters on the same levels to get different objectives tend to have trouble lasting long for me....  This game got old the 1st time I played through it.
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any old RPG games that doesn't have new game +

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i would say jrpg's cause the first time experience is priceless (for me that would be playing Persona 3 and Final Fantasy IV advance for the first time) but i wouldn't be able to play them again with the effort and passion i did the first time