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Hello GiantBomb.  This is not a pro or anti Munn thing.  Its more of a I want to know if I am the last person on earth to have satelite radio.  
Olivia Munn is going to be on Geek Stuff Tomorrow Night on Big Kev's Geek Stuff,  12AM ET on the Virus (XM 202 SIRIUS 197) and wil lbe doing a 60 minutes style interview about her book (which I was unaware of)
Big Kev is OK (I remember him more fondly from his days as an Opie and Anthony clown than as a host) 
So yea, does anyone have satellite radio anymore?   I will stick by it to the death at this point.

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She wrote a book? -__-

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Could probably find the station on the Internet or something...

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What's the book called? The Brown Cow Goes Moo?

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Its called Wonderwoman can suck it or something

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Suck it, Wonder Woman.
Because you know, shes important because shes a co-host on a hour long tv show of shit.

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Who and what is satellite radio?  People still listen to radio?  Damn, thought that ended in the 90s.  Please dont tell me you pay for radio....

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The Google!  It does nothing!
After the hooplah from E3 I don't care much for Ms. Muuuuuunn.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:
" She wrote a book? -__- "
Man, I hate G4..
 Note the 'with' part under her name. -_-' 
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Show of hands of who cares about Olivia Munn, her book, or her self-promotion?
/looks, sees no hands.

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I have satellite radio, I listen to the Virus all the time, but I will not be listening to her hock her book.

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I know she's dumber than a cinder block and half as talented but I do like me some Ms. Munn.  :P

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Unworthy of my seed after she insulted the Alpha and the Omega and the Taco Bell at E3.