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i know the new tv adaptor goes on sale in the US in just a little over a week from now give or take a few days, while in the US Im sure it has every chance of success but UK broadband is leaps behind and not to mention its being fronted by BT and you need a minimum of 5MB broadband to run it smoothly, and then theres the fact that the TV adaptor costs £99 plus ive heard there is a subscripton fee ontop of this? (could be wrong) call me old fashioned but if im paying £40-£50 for a game i like to have the hardware in my hands and be able to do as i please with it (trade in ect), Ihad a little go of the onlive wireless beta also just jumping into other peoples games and ive gotta say its just like watching a youtube video the quality that you get in a console just isnt there. For me this whole On live thing is a no no, was just interested as to what any other UK and US gamers thaught?.

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EDIT...............TITLE SHOULD SAY WILL ONLIVE FLOP IN UK (sounded a bit trollish there sorry guys)

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Your avatar is...twisted. 
Also, caps alert! 
I think it's a lot of money for what seems like a mediocre product. It sounds great on paper (I suppose) but I can't imagine enjoying games when everyone of them will lag, if ever so slightly.

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I like the idea of On Live, and it looked impressive with the demonstrations. I just think that it might not be workable considering the UK has some of the worst broadbands in the world.

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Yeah. Just trying normal stuff on my xbox isn't worth what it's for.
The amount of times i've unplugged my modem, only to plug it back in is just stupid.

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If no one in the UK has the type of broadband to cover the download speed then of course it will be a flop. My question is how much advertising are they pushing in the UK? If they're advertising it a lot then people will buy it. They'll also have to bust a Microsoft and put it on the news and talk shows. OnLive won't mention that you'll need a 5MB broadband connection. Just like Microsoft won't mention that you need a big enough space to use Kinect. They'll mention it on the box, but most people never pay attention to that.

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The subscription fee is gone, fyi. 
Anyway I live in canada and it was just released here, I gave it a try. 
Graphics were abyssmal (to the point of being unable to tell what's going on), there was definite input lag (even on the menus, when you mouse over something, it doesn't get highlighted for a second), although I had no FPS lag. 
It's a really cool way to get instant demos of games, though. I like it for that. Other than that, it's garbage now IMO. Maybe it'll improve if they release a server near me. I don't know. But It's not something i'm going to invest in, especially with Steam being amazing.

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this is what i mean its bad enough trying to get a good connection as it is and im paying £40 a month to virgin for 20MB broadband and im still only getting 1/2MB a sec download times at the verry maximum mostly under a MB,  it wouldnt suprise me if BT all of a sudden came along with this superfast internet to launch with at stupidly high prices, also with onlive there is no mention of what happens to your games you have purchased if you stop your subscription?? hmmm definatley not for me .

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5 Mb/s you say? I should be all right. 
This is my Uni internet connection, so it would be overkill. But, even at home I get about the same down and a little bit slower up. If you use a phone line for broadband then it will suck, it's not designed to take that much information. When I had BT it failed every day at 6pm because it was overloaded. Virgin Media have been great, I've been with them for 5 years now. 
As far as OnLive is concerned, if I could have access to a load of games to play on my netbook, I would love it. I can't believe it doesn't run steam, it seems like a match made in heaven. I guess OnLive isn't designed to be used with a mouse and a keyboard?
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@TheGremp said:
i typed in caps so that people would notice the edited title easier, but well done you give yourself a pat on the back.
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I consistently get 6 to 8 MBPS downloads with my 50MB Virgin media BB  
i rarely get lag on xbox live only really when im playing someone from who isnt based in england or france. 
but if they manage to stream the data in a respectable bandwidth, as they have with movies on the 360 it could work.... 
only time will tell.

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:O it does sound like a waste now. i thought all places had good internet beside ones that don't have technology.