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Hi Duders!

Since the beginning of the year I have been participating in One Game a Month. For the month of February my friend and I decided to make a 2D pixel art, rogue like, game, with inspiration from Link to the Past and Dungeons and Dragons.

If you are interested in playing it you can check it out here at A Dangerous Venture. You can run it in your web browser using the Unity webpage plugin.

Please forgive the few bugs that will show their head. (Next time I will do testing in Release builds and not so much in Debug builds.)

I would be super grateful for any feedback. We are playing around with the idea of possibly continuing development to make it a "real" game or just making a completely different game for the month of March.

If this is considered "spam" please forgive me and let the beatings commence.

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good luck

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@tesuto: Best of luck duder! I was considering giving this a go, but the workload seemed terrifying!

EDIT: Your game looks really nice. I like the style. Controls feel good too.

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@chavtheworld:Thanks! Yeah the workload can seem pretty daunting if done alone. So far though I found working with atleast one other person makes it doable. (Just have to control the scope.)