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I just got this e-mail from OnLive.  It actually makes me interested in OnLive if they get a better selection of games.  Seems like it could be a GREAT alternative to GameFly.

What do you duders think?  Better than their current payment plans?  I think so.
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I have a really strong suspicion that OnLive is going to go the way of the Dreamcast - way ahead of the times and as a result it's going to fail incredibly.

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@RsistncE: Probably so, which is why this seems like a better way for them to do business to me.  Since you never actually bought the game (just payed a monthly fee to rent them basically) it would take a lot of hurt out if they do go under.
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That is probably what OnLive should have been when it launched. Seems like a much better offering with that subscription plan.

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onlive seriously is a company that SHOULD be the head of the biggest video game company ever because saeriously they know how to make fans happy

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@RsistncE:  how can u say that? Onlive sells games not hardware.
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As someone who lives in rural Vermont with a mediocre internet connection, I'll never get in to OnLive. It's way too far ahead of it's time - maybe in the future when everything is on fiber it would make more sense, but latency is way too much of an issue now.

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They're definately going in the right direction with this monthly plan.