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Hey Duders, ive come to the forums to get your guys opinion on some games i'm thinking of buying, as the title says I only have 2000 msp but there are some cool games I wanna check out, here are some of them.

- Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

- Deadlight

- Dust: An Elysian Tale

- Terarria ( although I already have minecraft)

So have you guys played any of the games I mentioned?, what did you like?, what didn't you like? I am just looking for a honest opinion about them and whatever gets the best feedback I will try out. Thanks guys.

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Out of that list, Far Cry Blood Dragon.

Other games worth checking out:

Motocross Madness
Trials 2
Full House Poker.

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I haven't played any of those, but based on 2nd hand knowledge i'll say the following.

Terarria is supposed to be MUCH better on PC due to easier controls and server settings.

I don't think deadlight is supposed to be all that great, so i'd say skip that in favor of the other two.

So I'd say its between Dust and Blood Dragon. Go with your heart. Unless you have a furry fetish then clearly get Dust.

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Yea with the Giantbomb reviews Deadlight didnt get that good of a score, so I think ill pass on that

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Blood Dragon was a very good time.

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I've enjoyed the ~1.5 hours of Blood Dragon I've played so far. I haven't played OG FC3, but I imagine it's pretty similar, so if you liked FC3 at all then you should probably pick up Blood Dragon.

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I'll say Blood Dragon, its kinda short but out of those four games it plays the best and its probably the one thats most fun to blast through.

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avatar clothing and prem-o themes

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@tourgen said:

avatar clothing and prem-o themes

That Fozzy the bear costume is always tempting when I got 400msp sitting around.

@bearklaw19:Dust is pretty great but you might catch it on sale sometime soon so ya want to wait on that. Deadlight is kinda meh, I thought it was alright but it's not worth1200. There's no really no replay value and it's pretty short. Terraria has some kind of cool exclusive armor sets on the 360 version with an exclusive boss. I'd say buy Blood Dragon and save the rest for when Dust goes on sale.

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That scott pilgrim game is on sale for 320 right now if you haven't played it. It's a good brawler.

Also i've played 2 hours of blood dragon, that's a must get honestly if you like shooters.

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Gotta get that Dust. I'm sure Far Cry would be a runner-up choice based on what type of game you're in the mood for.