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Since the move to CBSI, the GB crew has sat on the worst of chairs. Scrounging for furniture in the office and sitting uncomfortably, unbeknownst to them, making life hell for themselves.

look how fucking happy he is.

I mean.. I know that the furniture stayed at the Whiskey Media Office, but COME ON. It pains me to see how uncomfortable they are on their current furniture. I say we help. I say... We get Ryan and Jeff & the rest a rightful throne again. I say... We find couches just like the ones above.

I remember watching The Big Live Live Show Live and seeing everyones smiling face, around the couch, laughing it up. Any comfortable couch brings the comfort and relaxivity you need to have a conversation, be yourself, and let go. And according to my science and tape review, that couch brought a whopping 62 RPUC (i.e. the change in relaxation rate per unit concentration).... SCIENCE! Let's do something awesome everyone. Let's get our heads together and figure out how we can get two couches, exactly as pictured above, to the crew. They looked so uncomfortable when TNT's happened! These classy guys deserve better!

Thoughts? Concerns? Hurdles? Impossible? What say you?

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Fuck that! If we're gonna get them couches, we have to get them couches that are better than before! Super couches, if you will. Also, a hovering MODOK chair for Ryan.

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But won't the stuff we buy them be used by other Game-spot personnel? I don't really want to invest in something a large company can easily wave off as "business purchases."

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They have enough money to purchase their own couches.

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@BraveToaster said:

They have enough money to purchase their own couches.

I've got to agree. They work for CBS -- they don't (or at least, shouldn't) need our charity to buy furniture.

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The orange couch they sit on now is awesome, it's been with the guys since the beginning.

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Its not about charity. Its about community! Where's your Giant Bomb Pride? Why NOT I SAY!

& @zombie2011: never that couch. <3 Im talking about the other "interim" furniture they ruin their asses on.

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Man you crazy. I think your a little obsessed with these men. Wanting to buy furniture for them when they can just write it off as a business expense.

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That's too much... well people already send those guys a bunch of stuff for free but come on.

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Cowards! All of you! Where's your sense of adventure!?

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There are plenty of users who would volunteer to be Gerstmann's chair in a heartbeat, I bet.