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I've been meaning to upgrade my GPU(Nvidia 9500GT) for quite some time now but I have limited budget. I looked online for cheap but decent cards and came up with the GTX 650 Ti Boost. So duders what's your experience with this product? Can it run current and next-gen just fine?

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In its price range its good. It will run current games just fine, not max settings for anything demanding that came out in the last two years but still well enough. Honestly though, now seems like a terrible time to upgrade with a low or mid range card when games just around the corner are sure to make system requirements jump quite a bit once publishers start to abandon PS3/360 development and focus on PS4/XOne. Ports from those games will be a lot more demanding.

Then again if the rest of your computer is about the same age as your 9500GT, then you'll need to build a new computer from scratch to have good performance from next-gen games.