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Hey GBers, long time reader, first time new-topic-starter...
My question: Are there other (i.e. not Bombcast) video game related podcasts that you listen to?   
I've started listening to Joystiq's podcast and the hosts are growing on me.  
I've tried the 4-player podcast, but the overall tone is a bit too juvenile / cynical for my tastes.  
Any suggestions?  

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Idle Thumbs
The Idle Thumbs Podcast
Weekend Confirmed
PC Gamer UK

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Weekend Confirmed, shacknews.com

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I use to listen to the gamespot one, but some of the guys on there I could not stand. I only listen to the GBC and as a video podcast Invisible Walls on Gametrailers.com. Every other podcast the guys come off as douchebags and not in a funny way like Ryan or Jeff do it. 

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I also listen to Weekend Confirmed. +1 for that.

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This topic has been created so many times I lost count. Is it honestly so hard to search the forums for other such threads, and read those? 
However, if you must insist, Talkradar makes all others its bitch.

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Certainly not ours

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Complex/Rockets is alright

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Rebel.fm and the Gamespy Debriefings are my two favorite podcasts after the bombcast. 
I used to like the Destructoid podcasts, but they, quite literally, lost all their good talent int he course of a week, and i'm not really a fan of anything they're doing anymore. Even stuff like HAWP or Once upon a pixel doesn't feel like it belongs to destructoid anymore.

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Weekend Confirmed is great as is the Joystiq poodcast.
Epic Battle Cry is pretty entertaining and isn't too long if you're looking for something shorter.
I also listen to three damn Starcraft podcasts..but if you're not unreasonably into the game like myself that's no help.
If you are check out State of the Game, Podcast Overwhelming (giant bombers created that one) and Starcast.

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Weekend Confirmed is top notch and worth the time. I listen to more but I rarely end up considering it worth my time like I do with the Bombcast and Weekend Confirmed.

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I know I'm way into the Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank, but that's less about video game's recently as Geoff's wife's multiple orgasms, which is still a +1 in my book.

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Gamespy Debriefings
Talkradar - easily the best podcast after GB

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+1 for ...
- Weekend Confirmed
- Invisible Wars (finally good again with Marcus Beer back)
- EpicBattleCry

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Drunk Tank 
Gamespy Defbriefings  
Rebel FM 
 IGN Gamescoop 
Weekend Confirmed

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  • A Life Well Wasted - If only he made them faster.
  • One Life Left - I listen to this while running; it's constantly interesting and light hearted.
  • Out of the Game
  • 8-4 Play - Still pretty new, though i already really enjoy hearing the Japanese perspective. Great lineup.
  • Weekend Confirmed - Originally very good, but recently i feel like they often try too hard to have meaningful discussions and then end up with the opposite. I like what they're going for, i just wish they were better at it.
  • Irrational Behavior and Irrational Interviews - Extremely well produced and interesting.
  • The Geekbox - Only partially about games. Fun personalities and laid back attitude.
  • IGN Game Scoop - The only IGN podcast i haven't dropped yet. When it's funny it's really funny, but i don't love it like i used to.

Bombcast is still the best though. I look forward to it every week.

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Weekend Confirmed all the way. Some of the best discussions on issues relating to video games that I have heard. Yes like Bib said sometimes they can become rather shallow, but for the most part the discussions are in-depth and great to listen too.  Another great one is The Totally Rad Show, which may not be just video games, but is one of the most entertaining geek podcasts out there. The common denominator between the two is  Jeff Cannata who happens to an amazing podcast personality who knows what he's talking about when it comes to video games.

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Rebel Fm (My personal All-Time favorite) 
Co-Op (A very well produced video podcast about games. They have recently started again and hopefully they will continue. They are awesome and I have a shirt to prove it.)
GeekBox (Not always about games) 
Weekend Confirmed (At one point I wanted to punch everyone on this podcast in the face. That's how you know it's good.) 
Retronauts (It may not be in production anymore but it's still very listenable now.) 
A Life Well Wasted (Season 2 starts sometime next year. It's never on a production schedule.) 
Mobcast (It varies in quality from being amazing to simply unlistenable.) 
Out of The Game (They just started again after a year hiatus and it was like they never left.)  
The Gamespy debriefings (I'll call this High-art and move on.) 
The Oddcast (This has been demoted to Low art after Sharkey was fired.)
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@morningdrive said:

" I use to listen to the gamespot one, but some of the guys on there I could not stand. "

I would still be listening if they didn't bring Tom Mc Shea on every week. It's like listening to a spoilt 12 yrs old for an hour who takes the piss out of everyone else with a valid opinion like Kevin Vanord. 
Just give him a Wii remote to suck on so I can listen to everyone else in peace.