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Out of the Game is a new biweekly podcast featuring Shawn Elliott, Jeff Green, Robert Ashley, Luke Smith, and N'gai Croal.  An outstanding cast.
I'm very excited about this podcast.  Fans of GFW radio "The Brodeo" will love this podcast.
Currently they are episode 2.
This will probably be the equivalent of GFW radio to me.  Just wish it was weekly.
Though I should spread this news to others.
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I listened to the first episode earlier today and i thought it wasnt too bad for a first episode, considering the cast they could really talk about anything and it would make a solid podcast.

Plus.... N'gai? Podcast? Sold!

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having N'gai there completely unsold me

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Why would the presence of N'gai unsell you?

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Man I hate N'Gai.

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Jayge said:
"Man I hate N'Gai."
It's cause he's black isn't it?
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Lies said:
"Jayge said:
"Man I hate N'Gai."
It's cause he's black isn't it?"
No, but his whole racism in re5 shitstorm is a large contributor.
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Jayge said:
"Lies said:
"Jayge said:
"Man I hate N'Gai."
It's cause he's black isn't it?"
No, but his whole racism in re5 shitstorm is a large contributor.
And the longwinded post-storm explanation of such.

I don't mind him mostly, but that was laughable.
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rottendevice said:
"I don't understand why the internet (i.e. NeoGAF) has shown so much resentment toward N'Gai Croal lately.  Was it to do with his RE5 comments?  Is it just trendy?I think N'Gai is a great addition to any podcast.  He's an intellegent guy with a lot of interesting ideas and opinions, which is more than I can say about a lot of people on podcasts."
I'm not a fan of most of the hardcore-games-discussion verbose bloggers that write interrelated features with each other about common sense things that anyone could realize for themselves after 5 minutes of introspection. Unless you ask me about Leigh Alexander >.>

A podcast with this lineup sounds like another Rebel FM, which is something I DO NOT WANT. I'll stick with my Bombcast, where awesome, informative, hilarious interviews and discussions take place without ridiculous, meaningless overhead, and Three Red Lights, where IGN editors continuously make fun of everyone who thinks they take their jobs seriously in the slightest.
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The podcast is good.  I mentioned it over in the "How many podcasts do you listen to" thread.  It's worth a listen for Jeff Green and Shawn Elliott alone.  RebelFm has been getting on my nerves as of late with it's randomness, but they are young and recently lost a founder to Sony.  The only downside to Out of the Game so far is the low sound quality but that's likely do to Skypeing the group together.  I think it has a lot of potential though to hear the observations of mature people now a part of the industry.  For really in depth commentary on video games, Idle Thumbs is probably the best podcast in production right now.  Well, that's my opinion, at least.

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N'gai is the most pretentious fuck on the planet. No thanks.

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I'll admit, N'Gai was usually an automatic podcast delete, but he's not his usual self on this one.  Maybe it's because it seems like Luke and Robert don't like to talk about pretentious indie game bullshit so he doesn't even dare bring them up.  Hey, he even made a joke about the whole RE5 racism thing.  I'm happy about it regardless since it brings the lost podcast gods back together.

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Cheapoz said:
"Jayge said:
"Lies said:
"Jayge said:
"Man I hate N'Gai."
It's cause he's black isn't it?"
No, but his whole racism in re5 shitstorm is a large contributor.
And the longwinded post-storm explanation of such.

I don't mind him mostly, but that was laughable.
and yeah he's hella pretentious
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Since when did a little bit of pretentiousness hurt anyone?

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I'm not sure it's the new GFW but it is a cool podcast.  I get the feeling this is more an excuse for Jeff, Shawn and Robert to stay in touch, but I'm cool with that.  Listened to all so far and while they are ostensibly not about games, they are all interesting.

The N'Gai thing I read more and more, and honestly is starting to piss me off... while not always on the mark his take on games is often refreshing.  As a guy who read a lot of his work, I am more than happy he can still comment on games through this podcast.

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I like this podcast but mainly because its alittle more relaxed and not as videogame focused. My favorite podcast from the whole 1up fallout was, much to my surprise, the geekbox. The reason is its more casual. Rebel FM is a bad episode or two away from being unsubcribed too because I cant stand that Arthur guy and the overall serious tone of their "discussions." Truth be told even Ryan's attempts to reign in the bombcast I find irratating. If a podcast gets on a 30 minute rant about Jedi, weird sexual practices, crazy shit on the internet, or the history of the Wu Tang Clan, I will probably enjoy it more.

I hope out of the game continues to be just that, off of the topic of games.

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Rebel FM just gets worse and worse. I've stopped listening to it, though I'm gonna listen to their Game Club thingy about Bully they're starting since I thought that game was pretty great.

I've downloaded Out Of The Game due to how great GFW was, but haven't had the time to have a listen.
Don't wanna listen to N'gai though. that dude can just fuck off. His opinion is absolutely moot to me after what he's done.

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I actually still like Rebel FM, and all the cat action that goes down in it.
I've pretty much accepted that there will never be another GFW radio though which sucks.
I kinda hate change considering it has killed all my favorite podcasts, and replaced them with new podcasts that are not as good.

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All the guys on that podcast are smart dudes, but I have to admit, after he started that RE5 racism ridiculousness I lost a lot of respect for N'Gai and would almost rather he wasn't on the show.  Its a video game that takes place in Africa, what did you expect?  Eskimos?  Such a retarded topic that too many video game enthusiasts pretended to be journalists while covering.  I'm sure I'll get over it eventually because I still think N'Gai is an intelligent person.

Plus, I can't stay away from any recording that has Jeff Green's "Hello and welcome" as the introduction.
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I like the podcast because it's got the views of people who aren't games journalist (except N'Gai and Robert who still do some journalism stuff) but are still in the games industry, so it's cool to get another perpective. Also they're all funny and so even the more boring parts can still be entertaining.

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AlfredPMcLovely said:
"Its a video game that takes place in Africa, what did you expect?  Eskimos?"
No, that's in RE6 dude.

I've only ever really listened to the Bombcast and Idle Thumbs, looking this up now on iTunes
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It sounds good at first definitely, but I would only want Jeff, Robert and Shawn on a podcast either by themselves, or with someone other than N'gai because he annoys the fuck out of me and knows shit for anything. I loved GFW Radio, but this is definitely not that again.

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I'm not a huge fan of N'gai either... every time he's on the 1up podcast he acts as if he's better than everyone else.