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The recent Bombcast introduced the idea of P.H.P, The Patrick Hatrick Hat Project!

Were the idea is to find a a type of hat Patrick Hatrick may wear full time. I would hope that he would have trial runs with different hats (Unprofessional Fridays seems the best) and I think this is something that needs the community to help it.

Let us do what we can, let us gather hats we think would be good and showcase them here!

Let us photo edit hats onto Patrick Hatrick!

Let us send in hats!

Let us give feedback on the current hat of the day/week/month!

Most importantly of all!

Let us find Patrick Hatrick a hat!

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The current idea for a hat is the classic Baseball cap. When I think of such a hat sitting on Patrick's Hatrick's head one image comes to mind.

Which is part of the hilarity.

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So with hat suggestions....it has to come out of the gate on it!

The Trilby hat!

Patrick Hatrick should easily be able to get one of those GDC ones. Giving it a trial around the office and probably end the P.H.P in the process due to the looks of dismay and disappointment.

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I myself sport Beechfeild Army Caps.


However still Army Olive green (in the link) and Brown....I am not in the army...I just buy army style or army surplus clothes.....

It might be a good candidate using only my minds eye. However he would need to controll how he looks you can either look like a general or like a Chinese person living in 80s Communist China.....which I want those hats...

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The Snap Back Trucker Cap!

With this hat there is chance his hair may poke out of the mesh. However it would perfectly aerate his hair!

He would have to wear it backwards or else he will just look stupid....and we dont want that.

However his biggest task it picking the right slogan on his cap.

Such as this....weird..and I kind of think offensive one that might not be Safe for work.

One I think he should go for.

Or he could ruin it and go safe/unsafe.

So lets hear other peoples suggestions and let the P.H.P complete it goal!

Let us find Patrick Hatrick a hat!

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There's really only one type of hat that makes sense to me:

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Although I'm not sure if the brim would really cooperate with the hair coming up around the sides, so maybe just a standard baseball cap.

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Go the classic Dr. Who route with this hat and a scarf. Only problem with Patrick Hatrick along with people who know the plight of having poofy hair, when that shit grows out or gets cut hat fitting on head totally changes.

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I personally think he should Paul Walker-it and shave that bad boy down. I think he would look alright with a close cut.

Naturally this should be done in the office, live, and archived.

C'mon @patrickklepek get in on this - you can donate the hair to a charity for really unfortunate children.

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Young people don't understand hats. Men remove their hats while indoors, something you hipsters cannot manage with your devil may care irony filled clothing habits. Thus we would never see Patrick's Hatrick's hat, because like any gentleman, he would remove his hat when at the office. If you wear a hat indoors you are merely wearing a woman's hat, because ONLY a woman's hat is an accessory.

Now you kids...get off my lawn... before I get the hose!

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@monkeyking1969: You are actually right. I take my hat off as soon as I am in a building. I wont wear a hat while purely indoors. It is just not in my nature...and 10 years of Schools shouting at kids wearing hats in class made it so.

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Fez Hatrick.

You know it makes sense.

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This place gets weird.

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I think a bird's nest would do nicely. Wasn't there a guy in final fantasy wearing one? If you had a bird as your pet, it could be at home wherever you go.

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A fez

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Whenever a question starts with "What kind of hat..." then the answer is always "a bowler". It's the hat to end all hats, the pinnacle of the haberdashery arts.

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My Contribution:

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I'm thinking something a little... Wilder.

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A cap. Caps are like the only cool hat nowadays

Get a nice mishka NYC or something similar

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I went through this thread and replaced every use of the word "Patrick" with "Hatrick".

You're welcome.

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@sweep said:

I went through this thread and replaced every use of the word "Patrick" with "Hatrick".

You're welcome.

Moderator Approved I see.

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A bone like sideshow bob

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He should have a fedora and a neckbeard, then buy himself a nice long black leather trenchcoat.

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I wonder if Hatrick would pull off the flat cap like Brad Pitt?

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Maybe thats unfair.....

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He'll love it!

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I would throw money at a propeller top beanie.

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Somebody get Hatrick a fruit hat. Pronto.

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He'll love it!

for some reason this is the funniest hat in the world

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He should get a Brooklyn Nets hat and wear it backwards to stay hip with the times!!!!!

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since he has puffy hair
since he has puffy hair

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Maybe Patrick should just go the whole year wearing a different hat each month. Special hats dedicated to TNT and Not So Professional Fridays.

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