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Hey guys I have been meaning to check this game out (purely out of a detached, academic interest). Is it any good? It is 3 75 so I will probably just get it anyway but some opinions beforehand would be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance

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I have been waiting for this to go on sale for a while now! thanks for the notice duder, It seems interesting enough to be worth 4 bucks easily.

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I remember Patrick being for it on the GOTY podcasts but Alex wasn't all too keen on it (if memory serves me correctly). I actually have no idea what that game even is but if you know you share similar tastes with either Patrick or Alex, then that might be your answer.

There might be a Quick Look up on the site as well.

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Yeah , it's a cool game with a good story . It's not great , but definitely $3.75 worthy .

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Is that about £ three quid? Regardless it is a worthy few hours. As a 'game' it isn't anything particularly compelling in terms of actually 'playing it', though the act of 'playing it' makes you heavily invested in the story, which is clearly the intended effect. I'd recommend buying it and doing it all in one sitting; the emotional resonance of the narrative certainly deserves your full attention even if it isn't great to play in and of itself. I found the ending SUPER emotional, but that wholly depends upon you're emotional baggage.
To sum up: a not-as-good-and-far-more-specific existential exploration than Journey, though different enough to certainly stand alone.