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Hey Duders! This is Matt, giantbomb member and indie dev of Paranormal. Paranormal is a 3D horror experience inspired by the Paranormal Activity movies and Blair Witch Project. You play as a dude with a camera in a haunted house. Every playthrough is different.

I'm giving away 5 Desura copies of Paranormal for those of you kind enough to vote for Paranormal on Steam Greenlight

If I remember correctly, posting links to the game's Desura page (for buying the game) is against the rules, so I'll trust you all know how to Google.

So to be eligible for the giveaway, you must vote on Steam Greenlight for Paranormal, post in the thread, and include your Desura/ModDB/IndieDB/email address in your post. You may also PM me your info if you don't want to post it here.

Here's a little video of my game:

Thanks! -Matt Cohen

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And va-hoted. I absolutely loved the beta, as well as the concept. Same name on Desura as here.

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@MattDementous: Done. Where's my key? I need some horror in my life! Only because I just finished a 10 page college paper on ghost hauntings for sociology and I really want to watch some ghost movies and play some ghost games and this looks awesome.

My username on Desura is mongo_chris

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I voted for it, and sent you my info. It looks interesting, and I'd be up for a good horror game about now!

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Everyone above Zuldim and including Zuldim, just sent out keys to you :D Thanks!

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Cheers, brotato! Looking forward to seeing what's changed. (I'll miss the default Unreal tooltips, though... got a good giggle out of that :P)

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@MattDementous: Thanks a lot man! I look forward to playing the game.

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@MattDementous said:

Everyone above Zuldim and including Zuldim, just sent out keys to you :D Thanks!

Thanks for the key! I look forward to playing it, and good luck with the Greenlight!

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Thanks everyone! I still have two more copies to give away :D

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Ive been lookin forever to try and get ahold of you i want to play this game so bad i stubled across some guy playing your game and i been looking for like 2 weeks on to try to get the game.If you can reply back ill buy it ,it looks awsome.