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Hey, Patrick Klepek is a good game journalist. Keep up the good work, and keep making quick-looks and content. Keep exposing bizarre, odd, and overlooked games. The world has enough coverage on all the crap 'triple AAA' shooters, and I appreciate your examination of that which may not get the coverage it deserves. I played myself some 999 because of Mr. K, and am now flirting with the idea of trying out some Monster Hunter. He's got a good outlook and writes interesting articles on the news and happenings of the video game world, and is willing to check things out that aren't just another shooter or driving game. *cough, Gerstman, cough*

Good job Scoops, keep it up and don't let the idiots get you down, they're just sad that they can't figure out how to get their head removed from their butts.

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good christ. do we really need this?

i'm going to leave hateful mean comments in his next article even if i dont mean them just out of spite of this thread! so HA!

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Show your true face new accounter. Show me your real name. Hide not behind false pretenses.

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Nice try, Patrick.

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We seem to get this thread on a near-monthly basis.

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Often I wish that people would get their hands stuck trying to pry their head out of their ass, at least that way they wouldn't be able to operate the keyboard and post the evidence of their ignorance and immaturity.

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Please stop...

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So which one is worse: Pro-Patrick or Anti-Patrick threads? I would say both of them are fucking annoying.

Also flagged.

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good christ. do we really need this?

No, we really don't. Please don't ever do this again, Nerdhat.

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Wipe that brown off your nose duder.

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We really don't need threads to discuss your personal likes/dislikes of specific staff members, especially when there's a similar thread about the same staff member with 200+ comments on the front page (a thread which, to be honest, probably should also be locked).