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#1 Posted by c_sheridan (12 posts) -

So I was watching the windup for the Michigan Masters MvC3 tournament and I saw Patrick Klepek casting it. (http://www.twitch.tv/addmitt)

Then I realized it's actually a guy who goes to my college, and occasionally writes for the paper of which I'm an editor.

Anybody else know any Klepeklikes?

#2 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

....... >_<

#3 Posted by KarlPilkington (2783 posts) -
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@Cloudenvy said:

....... >_<

#5 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1733 posts) -
@KarlPilkington: Damn, you took my one.  
Unfortunately for P-Klep I find this guy infuriating, so I was predisposed to dislike him when I saw what he looked like. 
#6 Posted by Delta_Ass (3286 posts) -
#7 Posted by N7 (3709 posts) -

Is that Cowboy Bebop?

#8 Posted by c_sheridan (12 posts) -

Yeah, he said he was dressed up as Spike.

#9 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2175 posts) -

@Delta_Ass: If Patrick ever loses a contest on a live show, he must don that costume.

#10 Posted by lockwoodx (2479 posts) -

If Patrick was a clown, wouldn't he have to be funny first?

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#13 Posted by lockwoodx (2479 posts) -
@Marz said:
SSFV Patrick will kick your ass
#14 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -
#15 Posted by mixedupzombies (95 posts) -

When I saw this thread I automatically thought of this.

#16 Posted by Branthog (5611 posts) -
#17 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

I've been watching Misfits and this guy looks like him a lot

#18 Posted by rachelepithet (1395 posts) -
#19 Posted by artgarcrunkle (970 posts) -

Yeah guys all annoying waifs with goofy hair look the same, heck of racist.

#20 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

That one porno that was posted in here.

#21 Posted by ModernMajorGeneral (20 posts) -

@Delta_Ass said:


#22 Posted by MasturbatingestBear (1209 posts) -
Oh wait... Thats actually him.
#23 Posted by thedj93 (1237 posts) -

this thread's pretty weird, eh?

#24 Posted by Nightriff (5479 posts) -

@Marz said:

this is the image that pops in my head when Patrick speaks on the Bombcast

#25 Posted by ajamafalous (12230 posts) -
@Branthog said:
First one aside from OP that actually does look like him.
#26 Edited by JustKamToo (748 posts) -

I always think of Richard Simmons when ever anyone talks about Patrick K for some reason.

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#30 Posted by Mexican_Brownie (204 posts) -

I always thought David Luiz looked a bit like Patrick.


ARS3-5NAL!!! :P

#31 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5301 posts) -
@ajamafalous said:
@Branthog said:
First one aside from OP that actually does look like him.
All I see is that sick Mr. Do! machine. Too bad it's not on though, that shit lit up!
#32 Posted by IAmNotBatman (662 posts) -
#33 Posted by SamFo (1570 posts) -

@IAmNotBatman: i find this picture so hilarious

#34 Posted by Masha2932 (1242 posts) -
@Mexican_Brownie said:

I always thought David Luiz looked a bit like Patrick.


ARS3-5NAL!!! :P

LOL at the ARS3-5NAL. That game was fantastic. Great result for the gunners.
#35 Posted by Mexican_Brownie (204 posts) -


It was a fantastic match of football. Maybe there were a bit too many defensive errors in both sides, but man it was a fucking derby and in a derby the only thing that matters is passion. Robin is unstoppable and is an absolute joy to watch when in form. The team has come a long away from that 8-2. After so many shaky performances, I was nearly in tears at the end because I couldn't believe what had just happened...I wish I could have been in that stadium celebrating with all those other fans.

#36 Posted by wafflez (529 posts) -

a few weeks ago I went to a concert.. well, short story long, the opening bands bassist looked like Patrick.. I snapped a picture as best I could (a little blurry).. He is a little beefier than Patrick (not that says much but...) The band was Elway by thee way.

#37 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3874 posts) -
#38 Edited by ViciousAnchovy (808 posts) -

@c_sheridan: That dude looks like he has Klepek's hair, Keith Richards' nose and Spike Spiegel's outfit.

Edit: I thought you said that was at a poker tournament. Now that I realize it's an MvC3 tournament, I realize that the outfit may be meant to look like Spike Spiegel's.

#39 Posted by lord_canti (1525 posts) -
#40 Posted by SmilingPig (1341 posts) -

Trey Parker.

#41 Posted by FollowSmoke (40 posts) -

How about Sam Roberts, from The Opie & Anthony Show?

#42 Posted by c_sheridan (12 posts) -

When I was in high school I had hair like the Kleptomaniac, but now half of it's fallen out and I look like a young Louis CK.

#43 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

@artgarcrunkle said:

Yeah guys all annoying waifs with goofy hair look the same, heck of racist.

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#45 Posted by RiotBananas (3600 posts) -
This thread is bad. 
#46 Posted by kmdrkul (3476 posts) -

*walks in

... sees somebody compared Patrick to Bob Ross

walks out*

#47 Posted by c_sheridan (12 posts) -

Bob Ross is great, first off. And why y'all gotta hate on Patrick? He's your friend in news.

#48 Posted by Yummylee (22660 posts) -

Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights. Like, holy shit.

#49 Posted by Spence_5060 (356 posts) -

Hair racism...all of you

#50 Edited by LLJK_Jasta (289 posts) -

I think he looks a bit like a young Bob Dylan.