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The main reason I purchased my membership back in the day was in order to convince the bomb crew to come to Australia on the never happened World Tour, But now I hear PAX is coming to Australia, this is excellent news, but what would make it better is if I would finally get to see the crew at a panel!!

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It depends on how big Pax-Australia becomes. If it becomes big (and I don't think it will, sadly) then they'll probably come over.

Have they announced the city it will be held in? Please, please, please pick Brisbane. I know they're almost certainly going to pick Sydney or Melbourne, but PLEASE pick Brisbane! We get virtually no major events. And Brisbane's nice! Peaceful! Safe!

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Nope. I'd love them to come over here but they bitch enough about the trip to LA for E3 that Australia is an impossibility. Anyway CBS already has a Gamespot AU branch, I doubt they'd want to ship out anyone else.

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I was hoping so as well since they cancelled the world tour, but I doubt they will.

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I was thinking of emailing them about it for this week's bombcast unless someone already has?

@Korolev: Brisbane get's no Major events, I live on the Gold Coast and you guys get everything

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Probably not if I had to guess you would see something like

  • Mana Bar founders panel
  • Some kind of Australian games journo thing with Mark Serrels and alike
  • A Good Game panel
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@Korolev: Yeah brisbane was my favourite city that i have visited in australia. I just hope they dont pick your so called "capital" Canberra is such a shit hole.

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Chances of picking Canberra are next to none, All things being equal, it'd be Melb, Brisbane or Sydney, However, Tycho specifically called out the "Mana Bar" in his post when he announced PAX Au, as such it'd have to be either Melbourne or Brisbane, with odds going to Brisbane as thats where the original Mana Bar was founded.

"People asked us many times how we chose Australia for the next PAX, and we didn’t really; you chose it. We know how to run shows, that’s it. “Where they should be” and “who will go to them” is your department, and thus far it’s been an efficient division of labor.

Talking to Scott and Kris after they got back earlier this year, they were positively aglow about the place. I gotta see how far away the closest Mana Bar is; I always wanted to go, but felt confident that would never happen. The new danger, I suppose, is never leaving the bar. There is always danger, it seems; we must be vigilant." http://penny-arcade.com/2012/09/06

Brisbane has the crappy E3 Expo don't they? Melbourne doesn't have any games conventions...

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Really hope the GB crew comes out to Australia for PAX. I flew all the way to Boston this year, the least they can do is return the favor.

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@plato84: The E3 expo was on the Gold Coast, and yeah it was cool for being the first major video game anything in Australia, but the biggest games there where Skyrim and Saints that both were to be released in less than a month

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Thinking about it now we now need a PAX Norte in Canada. Preferably Toronto cause Fan Expo is lame as fuck as has nothing really to do with games.