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So we met, we laughed, we drank shipwrecks on the rocks and we toasted the hell out of Ryan at the PAX Australia Giant Bomb Meetup.

Thanks to everyone who came - I had an absolute blast and cannot wait to organise another event next year, hopefully with some of the Giant Bomb staff in attendance.

A big thank you goes out to Lee at The Cure - not only did he give us the awesome space for free, but he managed to put together 19 Shipwrecks together really quickly without notice. Awesome bloke, glad he could have a drink with us all.

So here's a thread we can all share contact details with. Would love to stay in touch with all of you, especially the Melbourne duders. I don't really use Facebook much, so the best point of call for me is Twitter - @ hellerphant

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Thanks for uploading this man, and for organising the event. It was a blast. Awesome to meet fellow bombers face to face.

At the risk of repeating myself to the point of annoyance, I'm Josh, guy in the front row in the captain america shirt, between supermeatboy (hellerphant) and fuck ryan davis (jackie?). Eager to get to know ya'll.

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I'll get in on the repetition. I'm Zen the guy whose face is obscured (always happens) very back on the left.
This is me on

twitter: https://twitter.com/Lucian_Ventris
Facebook look for : Inigo Leitdorf Jones (cause real names right!)

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I'm super sad I was unable to make it. I was one of the Enforcers at PAX Aus and was pulling a bit of double duty working in Bandland at night as well as running the JS Joust arena during Expo Hall hours. So I was busy helping out the bands to be able to make it. I did say hi to @hellerphant a few times and anyone I saw wearing a GB hoodie, shirts and called out a few China Don't Care shirts that came by the Joust arena. Was really awesome seeing a bunch of duders at a con in Australia. I did finally manage to get some bourbon in me Sunday night at Asian Beer Cafe with a mate who was crushed he didn't get to meet Ryan. If you guys have the chance to go there, I highly recommend it. The mens bathroom is something else.

Anyway, I'm on Twitter and Facebook, would be up for more drinks with any Perth guys. I also am the local source of all things Joust and CAH so we can get that going too.

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Man, that asian guy in the GB hoodie is so sexy.

I'm on at: @micngu on Twitter and here on Facebook.

I managed to quickly snap a picture of one of you guys playing CAH.

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Was really sorry I couldn't make it! Had lots of trouble getting back into the city and I didn't end up get back to my room till well past the meetup time. Looks like you all had fun though, looking forward to meeting you all next year :)

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Hello new thread! :)

I'm Andrew, also known as "Wez", and "That guy with the CAH deck". I'm the redheaded duder in the OG 2010 members shirt behind Josh (Cap'n America).

I'm a Melbourne local, and would love to attend more catch up nights. I have the debilitating condition called Being Married, so I might need a bit of notice so I can schedule some free time. I should point out that my wife doesn't "get" GB, or gaming in general, but she's pretty chill about letting me nerd out occasionally.

I admit to being a bit surprised how well I clicked with relative strangers from the internet. In hindsight, given our mutual interest in the stupid shit featured on Giant Bomb, I shouldn't have been.

Oh yeah, lastly, I'm @Wezmon on Twitter. If you're into that kind of thing.

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@zero_ haha that's my room mate Joe!

@wezmon Yes! Let's definitely catch up soon. You have my number. Thanks again for that awesome CAH deck, we've been putting it to good use already!

For Melbourne peeps, The Cure said they would be more than happy to organise a monthly boardgame meetup in the room upstairs. Anyone interested?

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@mattwestcott: I moved from South Australia about 2 years ago now to Melbourne and I don't regret it. Although I'm yet to catch up with any of you guys, but I'm hoping to make up for that when there's something happening next. Still regret missing out on the Friday meet...anyways move to melb Matt!

@hellerphant: I'm up for a meetup whenever, I'm out in the South East suburbs so long as I have a bit of notice I shouldn't have a problem showing up and meeting you duders finally, I still have all my pent up giant bomb talk.

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Oh Sydney, why art thou not Melbourne :(

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I feel so terrible being the only one wearing the 'FUCK RYAN DAVIS' shirt. Had a great time though, thanks to OP for organising it!

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@probablytuna: Don't feel bad. Wore mine to a house party the previous week.

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@probablytuna: I'm so glad someone has more posts than me has posted. I'm not the saddest Aussie duder!

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I'm Jim, and mine is the head sticking up from the back of the crowd, thanks to standing on the couch to make it into the shot. :D

Here's my Steam and my Twitter.

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Not sure how many people use these but thought I'd chuck em down for anyone who wants to add me:

3DS Friend code: 3024-5513-9701

PSN Name: monthlyrage

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@hellerphant You can count me in for monthly board game meetup. As Jenna Jameson once said, "I'm down for... like... whatever".

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Hey guys, it's Tom. The, uh, Caucasian male? I'm underneath the chandelier, second row with the drink of the moustached gent positioned under my chin.

I assume I'm the only one based in Canberra? I need to get to Melbourne more often by the looks of it.

As I said in the PAX thread, I go by Gutterkisser where it counts- Steam, Twitter, XBL, Origin, etc etc.


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Absolutely gutted that I fell asleep at my hotel when I got back from PAX on my way there.

Hope this is a tradition and I get to meet all you wonderful people next year! The Gold Coast just isn't that fun atm.

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Looks like you guys had a great time at PAX and with the meet up. I was hoping to attend both myself but just couldn't get away for the weekend (I'm living in Sydney currently). Maybe next year? Anyway, I added some of you on Steam, XBL, etc. Hope that's ok, I needed some more Aussie players on my friends lists :)

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I posted it on the other thread but here's my Steam

if that doesn't show up search for paulblues and Twitter is Paul_Blues and I'll post my 3DS friend code when I can be bothered getting the 3DS out.

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@mattwestcott: Hey Bro! Good to know that there is another duder on the coast.

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@mattwestcott: I have a long abandoned Facebook, probably not worth wasting a Pokéball on that one. I too am terrible and can't remember that chap's name, hopefully he reveals himself.

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For the record I'm around Syd too, xbl and steam are simply meganralph. Always up for a chat :)

Once again, really sad I didn't get to meet any of you in person this time around. Looking forward to future opportunities.

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We seem to have a fair number of people on steam, are there any games people would be interested in playing online as a group?

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@captpaulblues: I've missed out on pretty much every compelling co-op experience this generation, so I've got a wide net to cast. Multiplayer in general, actually. Any suggestions? There was some Borderlands 2 talk earlier.

I recently fell down the Dota 2 rabbit hole, but knowing it's not exactly to everyone's tastes I can still be saved from this affliction. I'd love to learn the ropes with some fellow GBers though.

@hellerphant tries to throw us off the scent with a fake Steam ID, but I'm pretty sure 'Hellerphant' is legit.

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@gutterkisser: definitely up for some borderlands 2 and any other games I've got. When it's on special again I'll probably pick up Awesomenauts and when I free up hard drive space I would be up for checking out Dota 2. I have all these duders on my steam now but I haven't actually messaged anyone to say hi :p

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Hi there! Bit late to this thread but what the fuck (I've been waiting to actually sit in front of a keyboard to type out my post but thats still some time away (straight from pax to house sitting for my brother, still have dirty cloths from first day of pax that I'm totally not wearing right now >_>))

I`m mark from sydney, I'm the guy with glasses and the GB logo T-shirt standing behind the hellerphant in that first photo. So wow that night was heaps of fun, a big thank you to Steve for setting it up, and to everyone who came out, a little sneaky thank you to wez for bringing the cards, always wanted to play it. Also super cool to hang out and shoot the shit with you while we waited for the oculus demo, which I had no idea was there :p.

Friday night was definitely my pax highlight, whole bunch of bombers, talking about fucking video games, who would've thought we hadn't met each other before. Anyways I'm probably forgetting to mention stuff that I want to mention but this has taken a while to type out on my virtual nexus 7 keyboard.

Oh taking a peak at other posts I'll throw my twitter out there I only use it to read other peoples stuff but I'm happy to start if there's a few people here that use it.


I think that's it


Is my steam, I think. Very close to getting my PC, minor set back with car repairs and rego, but should be good within a month.

Fissionmailed29 is my xbl

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