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Not sure if I missed it somewhere, but is the GB panel coming to the site this year? What about the others these wonderful men were involved with? If they aren't on this site can they be found elsewhere?

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They said the other day at the end of the last live thing they did that they would try to get it up today. But by the look of their twitters they have all been hella busy. I've been waiting since friday, apparently it's a good one.

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Hope it's up soon. The yearly PAX panels are some of my favorite GB content.

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PAX panel and a few interviews should go up soon.

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Does that mean soon, or "soon."

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Should be this week for the main panel. All the previous ones have gone up in that sort of timescale. It needs editing etc and I believe Vinny is out on holiday so it s down to when Drew can fit it in. I guess it depends on if they have him doing any filming for GDC.

The CAH panel was not filmed. Some dude was streaming a bootleg off his phone but I have no idea if there is an archive.

The 404 panel was filmed and streamed as part of the PAX channel. I believe a twitch archive is somewhere but it was pretty bad by all accounts.

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""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""soon """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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@maximusartimus: Someone asked Ryan on Twitter and he responded with "I have it on certain authority that it will be soon! today, even!". That was an hour ago. Hopefully today! If not, then it will most likely be up tomorrow.

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Pumped! I wish there was a service or something that sent me an owl at the speed of sound when this was up.

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On Twitter, Drew said that it might be up Tuesday or Wednesday.

Edit: Never mind! :D

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I talked to Jeff at PAX East after the Cards Against Humanity panel. He predicted Tuesday. Be excited, since the Giant Bomb panel was amazing.

Edit: Yeah, never mind indeed! Didn't see that they were already up.